Is Your AC Making Loud and Strange Noises?

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Is Your AC Making Loud and Strange Noises?

Your AC keeps your home comfortable without making any noise. But sometimes, you may hear strange and loud noises in air conditioners. While some homeowners ignore those noises, having them checked by professionals offering AC repair Chandler is essential. If your AC has started producing strange noises, you must pay attention.

But what do noises in an AC mean? Well, there are many noises that your AC can make. And each noise has a different reason. Here, we will discuss some everyday noises and what they mean.

  • Bumblebee Buzzing Noise

Luckily, there is a slim chance of having a real bumblebee inside your air conditioner. If you are experiencing some buzzing noise from your AC, which is very much identical to a bumblebee buzzing, that is a sign that your system might have some loose parts. Think of it like that – If you put a nut or bolt on the top of your washing machine and run it, you will hear a strange noise of the parts buzzing around the top. And the same concept applies here; when some component of your AC is loose, you are still running it.

  • Ear-piercing Loud Noise 

This is one of the most alarming noises from your air conditioner. And when you hear ear-piercing noise from your AC, it seems nothing less than a horror movie playing in the background. The loud, ear-piercing noise in AC is a sign that your AC faces a problem with its refrigerant level. And there might be a refrigerant leak in your air conditioner. Leaking of air conditioner refrigerant is dangerous as it can harm your AC and break it down completely. Calling for an air conditioning repair Mesa is the right solution when you hear such a sound.

  • Clunking Sound

If you happen to hear loud and aggressive clunking noises from your air conditioner, that is a clear sign that your AC needs repair. A loud clunking noise in AC may resemble the sound of a hammer hitting the surface of the outdoor unit. The clunking sound from your AC is a sign of broken parts inside your AC. Your AC can also generate the same sound when there is a problem with your AC fan. The blades of the fan can be loose, and they can be hitting up against each other.

What to Do When Strange Noises Are Coming Out from Your Air Conditioner?

Though these are a few of the many noises that your AC can make, it is hard to bear the strange noises coming from your air conditioner. Because all you expect from your air conditioner is to work silently, it is essential to keep your AC maintained and professionally tuned to ignore any sudden problem with your  air conditioning Mesa AZ. But if your AC is making noise, you cannot talk to an HVAC expert and schedule an appointment.

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