12 Effective Ways to Save On Your Air Conditioner While Beating the Summer Heat

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12 Effective Ways to Save On Your Air Conditioner While Beating the Summer Heat

The hottest days of summer make your air conditioning unit work harder. With the increased comfort and efficiency, energy consumption and utility bills also rise. High energy consumption and higher utility bills hurt your pocket and influence the source of natural resources like electricity.

Effective Ways to Save On Your Air Conditioner While Beating the Summer Heat

Follow these 12 simple tips to keep your AC running efficiently throughout the summers in an environment-friendly and cost-effective way.

1. Call an HVAC Professional:

Each AC unit ought to be inspected, cleaned, and tuned professionally before the summer heat starts. A standard tune-up, inspection, or AC repair Mesa may cost you between $70 to $100, with Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC.

2. Check the Air Filters:

Clogged and dirty air filters may restrict the airflow coming out from your air conditioner. Check the air filters every month and clean them if they are dirty. Replacing the air filters is a smarter option to save cash on your air conditioner.

3. Place Your AC in Shade:

Air conditioner placed in proper shading can work more efficiently. The air in a shaded area is cooler than the surrounding area. It takes less time for your air conditioner to cool the air.

4. Keep an Eye on The Thermostat:

Don’t place lights, TV, or other appliances which may produce warmth close to the thermostat. The thermostat can sense the heat and cause your air conditioner to run longer than usual for cooling.

5. Consider A Customized Reaction:

If it’s difficult for you to change your thermostat before leaving for work, consider a programmable thermostat or a clock for your AC unit.

6. Do Touch the Dial and Spare Some Cash:

Each degree that you dial below 78 degrees increases the energy utilization by 8 percent. If your current energy utility bills stand at $100, remember that you can save $8 every month, with each degree above 78.

7. Replace the HVAC Model:

Replacing the AC model may sound to be a pricey alternative. But the old AC models are not much productive. An energy-efficient model can save you a lot on your monthly utility bill, and impede frequent AC repair Chandler. While replacing your AC, make sure you buy a perfect-sized unit.

8. Weatherize and Don’t Cool the Entire Neighborhood:

You need to keep your inside air cool and keep the warm air out of your house. Some necessary weatherization steps can prevent you from air loss through any leakages. Sealing such leaks with weatherstripping may be of great help. Also include insulation around the air ducts and vents.

9. Watch the Asphalt and Landscaping:

Don’t asphalt with rock and cement on the south or west sides of your home. Landscaping without proper shading will increase the temperature around your house while radiating heat.

10. Look Out for Debris:

Keep grass, leaves, and other debris away from the outer unit. Place your external unit in a shady place, but make sure that big plants and trees are at least 2 to 4 feet away to ensure adequate airflow.

11. Check for Leakages:

Check for refrigerant leaks in your air conditioning system. Loss of refrigerant means losing cold air. Prefer fixing any leakages promptly.

12. Install Window Films:

Installing windows films or tint not only keeps your home cooler in summer but also warmer in winter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is My AC Running but Not Cooling?

Ans. If your AC is running but not cooling, check whether:

  • The outside unit is unclean
  • Your air filters are clogged
  • The circuit breaker is tripped
  • The compressor is damaged
  • Your unit is low on refrigerant

Q. Is it Better to Run the Air Conditioner All Day?

Ans. We do not recommend running your AC all day as it can cause premature wear and cut short its service life.

Q. What Affects Air Conditioner Efficiency?

Ans. Here are some factors that can affect air conditioning efficiency:

  • Lack of maintenance or inadequate maintenance
  • Unclean (condenser/evaporator) coils
  • Duct leaks
  • Low thermostat settings

Q. How Do I Keep My AC in Good Condition?

Ans. Here are some tips for maintaining your AC:

  • Stay on top of maintenance
  • Change AC filters regularly
  • Maintain and clean condenser and evaporator coils between maintenance
  • Keep a clear area around the outside unit. Do not allow shrubs and plants to overgrow. Clean and straighten bent fins
  • Clean the rear drain

Q. What Maintenance Does an Air Conditioner Need?

Ans. Air conditioner maintenance tips every homeowner must abide by are:

  • Check and replace filters regularly
  • Clean the coils of your unit at least once every year
  • Straighten bent coil fins
  • Locate and fix leaks in the ductwork

Q. What Are Some Efficient Ways to Run an Air Conditioner?

Ans. Here are some efficient ways to run an AC:

  • To reduce heat gain, close all doors and windows during the day
  • Make sure the ducting is free of leaks
  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat
  • Use portable/ceiling fans
  • Do not use heat-producing devices when your AC is operating
  • Avoid setting your thermostat at a colder temperature than normal

 Q. Does AC Improve Air Quality?

Ans. Yes. Air conditioning systems have filters designed to trap contaminants such as pollen, dander, and dust and dirt particles.