A Few Tips to Save Money on Your HVAC Repair Bills

Everyone wants comfort, but no one wants expensive repair bills due to excessive wear and tear damage to their HVAC appliance. It is not easy to avoid using our HVAC appliances, nor can we avoid the need for repair jobs a technician provides us during air conditioning repair in Mesa.

However, we can prevent the chances of our HVAC appliances needing a repair job. Through some preventive measures and maintenance tips, we can reduce the number of repair bills our appliances will need during their working cycle, thus saving money on the repair bills.

Preventive Measures and Maintenance Tips.

Stay Alert

Staying alert here means noticing minor changes in the working of your HVAC appliances. For example, the unwanted sound that your system makes while working or the temperature difference in two or more rooms. Contact your technician if you notice similar changes repeating each time you use your appliance.

Annual Maintenances

An HVAC owner cannot maintain all their appliances. Owners should schedule annual maintenance jobs that involve the thorough inspection of all parts to ensure they will work efficiently throughout the season. Ignoring annual maintenance may leave you with no option but to find a technician in Chandler for air conditioning repair services.

Maintenance Plans

We understand that you may forget the maintenance dates of your numerous HVAC appliances. Even if you mark them on your calendars or note them on your phones, you may miss them for several reasons. In such a case, you can ask your HVAC company to offer you maintenance plans.

Clean Condenser

HVAC owners thoroughly clean their appliances’ inside units but often forget about the outdoor ones. The outdoor unit, or the condenser, faces too much damage due to weather conditions and insects that it requires extra care and attention from the owners and professionals.

Replace Air Filters

If you or your family faces breathing issues or seasonal allergies, you already know the importance of air filters. Air filters of your HVAC appliances trap the allergens, bacteria, and pollutants from the indoor air that may trigger your allergies. Clean your air filters regularly to avoid this problem.

Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts carry cool or warm air from your HVAC appliance to other parts of your home. However, as time passes, the ducts grow old and cannot function as efficiently as before. The major problems that ducts face are leakages and holes that allow the air to escape into the walls, thus wasting the appliance’s energy.

Ductwork Inspection

Since ducts carry the air from the appliance to your home, ducts must not face problems. If the problems that ducts face continue to grow, you will have to pay for the repair of ducts and the appliance. Schedule an annual inspection of your ducts and the maintenance of the appliances to keep them in check.


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7 Ways to Make Your HVAC System Last Longer & When to Replace It

An HVAC system is now a constituent of our life, and there is no denying any reason why it can’t be. When you invest in the comfort of your life, you surely want it to be the best. You should take care of the HVAC system well, and only the best services for air conditioning in Chandler, AZ, can help you in this matter.

Seven Top Ways to Make Your HVAC System Last Longer.

Maintenance is Always Important

It is not unknown to you that regular maintenance will make any electronic appliance run longer. You should at least service your unit twice a year for better results. Any top services of air conditioning in Mesa, AZ, can give you the best annual maintenance plan.

Replace the Air Filters On Time

The air filter is an essential component of your HVAC system. Because of this part, the indoor air gets replaced with fresh pollution-free air. Air filter cleaning and changing are easy, yet we suggest you opt for a service of air conditioning in Mesa, AZ, for better handling of these things.

Keep the Ducts Clean

The duct is one of the main reasons the comfortable air gets distributed into our rooms evenly. Contact professional heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, for a quick checkup and cleanup process.

Improve the Insulation System

If you work accurately on the insulation in your home, your HVAC can run more efficiently than ever. And as a result, less electricity will be consumed.

Requirement For A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat makes your work easier and your HVAC too. It works efficiently based on the presence of people inside the home. Any reputed heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, can help you install one at your place.

Prevent Water Leakage

Most the HVACs suffer unimaginable water leakage issues. You can prevent this by maintaining the drainage tube of your system. You must ensure that nothing is blocking that pipe that releases water outside.

Give Your AC a Break

You can turn off your system and allow the natural air to blow into your rooms through the windows. The lesser furnace and AC run, the longer the system lasts. Consult with any professional air conditioning in Chandler, AZ, to know more.

The Time When You Replace It

An HVAC system generally runs for an average lifespan of 20 years. Once the unit crosses that threshold, your HVAC system will start unfurling various problems like frequent repair work, expensive replacements, continuous noise, warm air through the vents, etc. These signs should be enough to choose a new system of heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ.


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What is the Process of Air Conditioning?

Different sizes and styles of ACs are available in the market. Despite having a variety of structures, they all operate on the same principles. Many somebody is under the impression that their air conditioner produces frigid air.

Instead, they function by transporting the heat from your house outside. Knowing how air conditioners operate is essential for homeowners so they can spot problems immediately and receives assistance for heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ.


The cooling agent, also known as refrigerant, transfers heat from your house outside the house. The closed system includes coils that hold the refrigerant. The coils transport the refrigerant through your house’s interior, outside of the house, and inside once again.

These components along the path adjust the refrigerant’s temperature, pressure, and condition to control where heat is absorbed or rejected. The components are an evaporator, condenser, and compressor.

Steps of an AC Working

The Evaporator Coil Absorbs Heat

Warm air from your home is pulled in and then blows over the cold evaporator coil. The interior component that removes heat from the air and provides cooling is known as the evaporator coil.

The refrigerant changes from liquid to gaseous form as it absorbs heat from the air passing by, continuing to move along the loop system in the direction of the compressor.

The Compressor Boosts the Temperature of the Refrigerant

The compressor reduces the volume of the gas. Typically, this is accomplished by strongly compressing the gas between two solid objects.

It prepares the refrigerant for condensing by increasing its temperature and pressure. In this way, a compressor works to maintain the temperature of the refrigerant.

Heat is Transmitted Outdoors

When the refrigerant reaches the condenser (placed outdoors), it is now a superheated vapour and is exposed to the outside air. The air absorbs heat from the refrigerant, lowering its temperature and transforming it from gas to liquid.

As for the Refrigerant Cools, the Cycle is Repeated

The heat from the refrigerant has been transferred. The cool refrigerant returns to the evaporator to complete the cycle. The procedure is repeated until your home’s interior temperature reaches the desired setting. Your thermostat now instructs your air conditioner to turn off.

The thermostat turns off the air conditioner when it determines that the inside temperature is at the appropriate level. The thermostat restarts the air conditioner when the room starts to heat up again until the desired ambient temperature is reached. You can achieve this by servicing your system for heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ.

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AC works for a specific time. There are various factors responsible for this. It could be internal damage or wear and tear due to time. Regular maintenance helps you keep your AC in good condition.

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Five Indications that Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Be Replaced

Even with routine maintenance, your air conditioner might need replacement due to a malfunction or simple wear and tear. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in a new air conditioner, you might be tempted to pay a minor repair charge, but retaining your old air conditioner can cost you more in the long run.

Common Indications that It's Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Frequent System Failure

Instead of living in unpleasant conditions and continuing to spend on repairs, you should replace your air conditioner. If it continues to malfunction despite routine maintenance and air conditioning repair in Gilbert, replacing the system is the only option.

Most warranties do not cover labour costs, but they reduce the cost of repairs. If your system is less than two years old and often functions well, you should fix it with the help of air conditioning repair in Chandler, Mesa, AZ.

System Older Than Ten Years

The majority of HVAC systems are constructed with a 10-year lifespan in mind. You shouldn’t repair an outdated system because it will probably need to be replaced shortly.

You may reduce your utility costs by purchasing a new, more effective air conditioner, and you won’t have to worry about a failure during the summer.

A Rise in Power Bills

As with most equipment, air conditioners lose efficiency over time. Get your system checked by a professional from air conditioning repair in Mesa, and if you observe a rise in utility costs coupled with warm places in your house or less cool air overall.

If it cannot perform as well as its modern systems or may require costly maintenance, your AC unit needs to be replaced. High Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) air conditioning systems cost more upfront, but over time they are more cost-effective due to decreased energy costs.

Lack of Indoor Air Quality

Older systems frequently lose their capacity to remove allergens like pollen, dust, and mould from the air inside your house, even if you routinely clean your air filters.

A musty odour may be produced by mould and mildew, and certain moulds contain mycotoxins that harm people with respiratory conditions. Mould thrives in environments with high humidity.

Leak in Ductwork

Leaky ductwork might reduce indoor air quality and create heated patches in your house, just like an old air conditioner. Insulated ducts may rip, separate, or even collapse, allowing conditioned air to escape rather than reach your HVAC system or cooled rooms.

An expert can check your ducts for leakage. Repairing your system is a smart alternative if it is a more recent model and your ductwork has a few small leaks.

Hire Comprehensive Air Conditioning Repair in Chandler, Mesa, AZ

If your AC system is giving you a hard time and won’t run without frequent repairs, then it’s time to replace it. Get professional help to replace your AC. Our AC specialists provide proper guidance and provide hassle-free services.

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Condenser Coil – Keep it Clean!


Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLCBy now, you know all about changing your air filters in your house to keep dirt out of your indoor system and helping to keep it working efficiently, but what about that part of your system that sits outside? It is important to keep your condenser coil clean as well, and there are a few steps you can follow to make this happen.

  1. The first step is to clear any visible debris from the outside of the condenser. This would be debris such as grass clippings, tree trimmings, loose trash, or anything that can get stuck on the side of your condenser. Free-flowing air through this coil is a very important part of the process of keeping your home cool.
  2. At this point, you should be able to visually see your condenser coil. If it appears dirty beyond just debris on the outside cage of the condenser, your next step would be to purchase a biodegradable coil cleaner that can be purchased at your local hardware store. Spray this into the outdoor coil and wait 5-10 minutes before gently spraying the coil with water from your hose. That’s it!

If these steps still do not clean your condenser coil or you do not feel comfortable with the above steps, give us a call for heating and cooling Mesa AZ and we can take care of it for you.

Regular maintenance is always the best way to keep repair costs at a minimum. Part of our scheduled maintenance in the Sharp Air Maintenance Program is to make sure that your condenser coil is clean, and if not we clean it as part of the Maintenance Program. Give us a call for the service of air conditioning Chandler AZ. Find out more about the benefits of the Sharp Air Maintenance Program!

Should I Buy a Programmable Thermostat?

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLCMost new homes and many older homes now have programmable thermostats installed for the HVAC system. If your home still has an older system thermostat or one that does not have a programmable feature, you are missing out on added convenience, energy savings and other benefits of setting a schedule for your HVAC system to run.

Many people have a schedule that they follow everyday. We work at certain times, or can count on being out of the house at certain times. Also, when the sun goes down we may not want the house to be as cool as during the day. Without a programmable thermostat, this means remembering to change the thermostat every time there is a change. If forgotten, you run the risk of cooling an empty house, putting unneeded wear and tear on your system, as well as wasting precious energy when it is not needed. A simple switch to a programmable thermostat can help alleviate these problems and better help manage your energy costs.

Recently, there have been some very high tech introductions to the programmable thermostat realm, most notably the Nest thermostat or Lyric thermostat by Honeywell. While these are great options, they come with a high price tag. Sometimes that price tag is a little too much for a homeowner to take at one time. Not to worry! There are many affordable options for programmable thermostats that will give you the basic functionality of being able to set your HVAC system on a schedule, unlocking your energy savings potential.

Give the professionals at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating a call today for one of the best HVAC services.

4 Tips to Get Your AC Ready to Tackle the Summer Heat

When it’s still chilly outside, it’s hard to think about the summertime heat as being just around the corner. But, as Arizonans know all too well, summer will be here before we know it.

On the first hot day of the year, you expect to turn your thermostat down and have your AC unit fill your home with cooling air. Before that can happen, however, your unit needs to be in prime working condition to reliably deliver the clean, cold air whenever you need it. Don’t wait until the summer hits to get your system in working order. In Chandler air conditioning repair is one of the best services you can get for your home or office. 

With just a little bit of time and attention. You can ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready to operate at peak performance throughout the summer months and that it won’t quit on you when it matters most.

These four important tips can help make you a home AC maintenance pro, saving you time, money, and headaches this summer.

Keep it Clean

The dirtier your filter is, the harder your AC will have to work to generate cool temperatures for your home. More importantly, your air conditioner’s filter is what catches all the dust and debris, preventing it from going into your system and your lungs. Without regular maintenance, that dust and debris build until the filter is incapable of holding anymore, leading to the unclean air blowing through your ducts and into your home. Changing or cleaning your air conditioner’s filter on a monthly basis is the simplest and most efficient way to care for your system. Whether you have a model that uses disposable filters or a reusable one that can be cleaned with water and elbow grease, it is vital that you clean or replaces your air conditioner’s filter regularly to maintain a healthy home and a working unit.

Check Your Ducts

Though we seldom need to think about our ducts, they need some seasonal TLC too to keep your summertime cooling system is working properly. While it is important to have the interior ductwork cleaned and inspected by a professional, there are some parts of your ducts that you can maintain all on your own. Duct registers should be removed, inspected, and cleaned every season, but it is particularly vital to do this type of maintenance before summer hits. When you dust your registers, be on the lookout for signs of water damage. Ductwork can be a breeding ground for mold and fungi, so if you see any signs of condensation accumulation in or around your AC registers, call a professional to inspect your unit and correct the problem in the months before you need your air conditioning repair Mesa.

Clear the Outdoor Unit

Just before the winter weather hits, Arizonans can count on monsoon season to kick outdoor weed growth into high gear. Though we do a great job of maintaining our yards and other outdoor areas, one item that often goes overlooked for weed maintenance is your outdoor air conditioning unit. Weeds and other debris can build up around your outdoor condenser and clog your unit, causing damage in the process. Unfortunately, it can be too easy to forget about your outdoor unit when winter is in full swing, but now is this time of year is the best time to tackle the job. With your thermostat switched off, head outside and clear away any plants and debris. After clearing away debris, use a clean cloth to gently clean the coil and the fins, careful not to bend or damage them. Keeping your outdoor unit clean will help your air conditioner’s overall efficiency and can prevent summertime damage.

Get a Professional Tune-Up

A professional tune-up and inspection of your system will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your unit is in tip-top shape and will perform flawlessly in the summertime. There are a lot of moving parts and pieces in your AC unit, and a professional technician has the tools and know-how to maintain your system and fix any malfunctions on the spot. Having a professional technician perform a tune-up also means that their years of experience can spot problems before they arise, as so often happens during the summer months when your unit is working its hardest to cool off your home. Catching a problem early on can save you a lot of money in the long run, so it is smart to invest in maintaining your unit and instead of paying thousands of dollars to replace it. Schedule services in Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair@ 480-695-7834 or Schedule Online today!

10 Plants That Improve Indoor Air Quality: Part One

It’s an unfortunate truth that we seldom think about the air circulating through our homes every day and how important it is to your family to have that air be as healthy as possible. Once you experience the benefits of professionally clean indoor air quality, however, you will wonder how you ever lived without the sweet, sweet smell and health benefits of pristine air in your home.

As indoor air quality professionals, we know how first-hand important it is to create a home atmosphere that promotes healthy breathing. Some studies show that many homes have air which can be upwards of five times more polluted than the air outside.

There are many great products that can be used to create ideal indoor air, including premium air filters to air purifiers that work in tandem with your HVAC unit. While we at Sharp Air Conditioning and Heating are always here to help you choose the right indoor air quality solutions for your home and family, there is one thing we recommend to make a big difference to your home’s air quality – houseplants.

Through a process called phytoremediation, indoor and outdoor plants and trees absorb compounds from the air that can be dangerous for humans. By absorbing pollutants and gases into their leaves and roots, plants help us all breathe better. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from breathing conditions like asthma and allergy sufferers.

If you are considering adding plants to your home to create a healthier home environment, these 10 houseplants are a great choice.

1. Spider Plant

It may sound creepy, but the spider plant is an excellent choice for your home. Spider plants are easy to care for and they grow very well with little effort. Not only do they add a spider leg-style burst of green to your space, but they also remove xylene and formaldehyde particulates from the air.

2. English Ivy

Said to be the most air purifying of the houseplants, English Ivy is a gorgeous plant that compliments any home space, modern or classical, with ease. English Ivy is noted for its ability to remove multiple compounds and pollutants from the air as well as pesticides and fecal matter, which is very useful if you have a pet in the house. Just be sure to keep these growing out of your animal’s reach – they are poisonous if consumed.

3. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm is a tall indoor grass that not only looks great but packs a punch when it comes to air purification. Bamboo is pet-friendly, and it is their size that makes them such rock stars at filtering out formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene. Bamboo palms can grow as tall as 12 feet indoors. They are also a natural humidifier if kept well-watered!

4. Peace Lily

Did you know that your home products, including your furniture and electronics, can generate indoor pollutants? Lucky for you, the beautiful peace lily is ready, willing, and able to help rid your home of those harmful contaminants. The peace lily is one of NASA’s most prized plants that they bring on space missions because it is a great air cleaner and delivers lots of fresh oxygen to your home (or space shuttle).

Check back in for Part Two of our blog to discover more great plants to help keep your home’s air quality perfect all year long!

Along with Indoor air quality, we offer these services also.

The Benefits of a Zoning System

We’ve all been there: One floor of the house is freezing while another is too hot to handle. It can be hard to regulate the temperature of your entire house. With a traditional thermostat since cranking up the heat or A/C will result in making things more unbearable in one area while barely making others tolerable. Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC offer services of air conditioning repair Mesa with zoning systems.

The solution? HVAC zoning systems.

A zoning system involves more than one programmable thermostat located in various areas of the house, allowing you to control the temperature for just one area at a time. This solution is great especially in summer and winter as. It tends to be much hotter or colder on one floor of the house than the other, depending on the season.

Here are 4 ways that a zoning system can benefit you and your home.

  1. Efficiency
    One of the biggest benefits to HVAC zoning is energy efficiency. Zoning can target specific areas of the house that need more heating or cooling without driving up your utility bills. If you adjust your thermostats as you move throughout the home, you can reduce energy use in areas that aren’t being occupied. You don’t have to worry about wasting heat or air conditioning in empty rooms and less overall utility use means cheaper bills at the end of the month.
  2. Comfort
    Zoning is great for homes with multiple residents as each person can adjust the thermostat of the area they’re in without making anyone else uncomfortable. You can crank up the heat while you watch TV upstairs while your partner keeps a lower temperature downstairs in the kitchen as they’re cooking. No more arguing about who touched the thermostat – with zoning systems, everyone can be happy. This is especially handy for multi-level homes where the temperature can vary drastically from one floor to the next. If someone has a bedroom on the second floor, they can easily adjust the temperature to be more comfortable without affecting the first floor at all.
  3. Longevity
    If your zoning systems are installed correctly, they can actually help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC unit. Directing the heating or cooling to the rooms that need it most prevents the system from becoming overloaded, allowing each part of your equipment to function only as it’s needed rather than having all of it running all the time.
  4. Convenience
    Finally, installing a zoning system in your house is convenient for everyone who lives there. Having multiple thermostats throughout the house guarantees you’ll never have to go far to find one and being able to tailor the temperature of each area of your home means that you can always feel comfortable. It’s much more convenient to change the temperature of the room or area you’re in than it is to walk all the way to a sole thermostat and risk upsetting the temperature balance in the rest of the house. Plus, zoning systems can be installed without adding any extra heating or cooling equipment. If you’re thinking about having a zoning system installed in your home, give the pros at Sharp Air a call. They’re the premier experts for heating and cooling Mesa AZ area and they’re always happy to help.

Spring is Here! Time to Spring Clean Your Home’s Air Quality

Springtime is here again, and that means that it is time for the great annual Spring Cleaning! We all want our homes to smell of fresh, clean spring air, especially at this time of year, and we can all do without the dust buildup that comes along with Phoenix-area living. Spring cleaning allows us to dig down deep and clean everything thoroughly, to get rid of the things we no longer need, and restore our homes to optimal health and happiness (at least once a year!)

With so many items on your list to tackle for spring cleaning, it can be difficult to figure out where to start the process of getting your home or office back to sparkling clean. While many online magazines, blogs, and tips sites will recommend a myriad of places to begin your spring cleaning home makeover, what they won’t tell you is that before you clean the surfaces of your home, you should turn your attention to the one item in your house that can make your home healthier, cleaner, and of course, cooler: your air conditioning Chandler AZ.

Before you fold, store, scrub, dust, and vacuum your home to back to cleanliness, read up on why it is important to tackle the quality of your home’s air first.

Air quality affects us every day, whether we realize it or not. Without regular care and maintenance, your air conditioner can contribute to the poor air quality of your home. In turn, that contaminated air puts your family at unnecessary risk for environmentally-related breathing conditions and illnesses. Instead of making your home immaculate only to pollute it with unclean air, start your spring cleaning projects and to-do lists with a professional tune-up, maintenance inspection, and cleaning from your local air conditioning repair and maintenance service (we know a great one)!

There are ways that you yourself can take great care of your A/C unit, like sprucing it up before it becomes your most-relied item in your home this spring and summer. As a part of regular air quality maintenance, homeowners need to keep their air filters clean (by changing them no less than four times a year, but ideally monthly), wiping down air intake vent slats, and prevent dust, animal fur, and debris from getting into the air conditioning system with regular floor sweeping and mopping.

Beyond those small ways to keep your air conditioner from circulating unhealthy air throughout your home, the best thing that you do to keep your A/C in great condition is to schedule a maintenance and tune-up with an HVAC specialist.

Professional technicians of heating and cooling Mesa AZ will be able to perform a number of maintenance inspections and operations that will keep your air conditioner in premium shape through the long spring and summer months. Not only will your unit be inspected by a professional who is able to troubleshoot and diagnose small problems before they become larger issues that threaten your system and lead to your A/C failing when you need it most, but they safely clean your unit from the inside out.

By inspecting your unit’s wires, cables, plugs, and parts, cleaning evaporator coils, and tuning up the unit from top to bottom, you can rest assured that your home’s air is as clean, healthy, and cool as you want it to be before you transform your home into its spring best.

We also provide Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair with skill-based and high-quality services at reasonable prices. Call us at 480-695-7834 right now.