How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise?

While air conditioners may appear to be one of history’s greatest inventions for individuals who live in hot regions, they may be quite unsettling when they rattle all night. The only thing worse than checking into a hotel with a noisy air conditioner unit is having a noisy air conditioner at home! 

Your HVAC system may be creating a range of alarming noises, like pounding, buzzing, and hissing, to name a few. These noises, of course, indicate a much more serious problem than their impact on your peace. This might call for air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ.

Tips on Reducing Air Conditioner Noise

Given Below are a Few Tips for Reducing AC Noise:

  • Try building a fence in front or around the air conditioner to create a sound barrier and stop the sound from moving. You can choose to fence the air conditioner with plywood or buy an air conditioner fence. To allow proper air movement, maintain the fence at least 3 feet away from the air conditioner. If you want to reduce noise, make sure there are no gaps between the fence boards. By overlapping the fence boards, you can reduce gaps.
  • Place your air conditioner away from common areas, such as bedroom windows, living rooms, and patios. The further you are from your air conditioner, the less noise it makes.
  • Avoid placing your air conditioner against brick walls or other shiny surfaces since this may generate an echoing effect, amplifying the noise.
  • You can try to enclose the air conditioner with fencing, but keep in mind that if ventilation is restricted, performance may suffer.
  • Air conditioners are loud, and the less expensive the air conditioner, the more noise it will likely create. For this reason, premium air conditioners with lower noise levels are built. If you can’t handle the sound of your present air conditioner and have tried to lessen it but are still unhappy, consider upgrading to a higher model that is designed to be quieter and more efficient.

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What’s That Smell?

Sometimes you can’t blame that smell on the other person in the room, it’s the AC! While musty air conditioners are much more common in more humid climates, at times it can happen even here in the dry Phoenix heat.

So why does my AC smell? That musty smell comes from mold and bacteria that can be formed when you condensate drain line gets clogged and water sits in the drain pan of your AC for an extended period of time. First thing to do is check to see if water is in fact collecting in your drain pan. If this is the case, we have a great tip that we posted in the blog about a trick that you can do yourself to clear your condensate drains. If you don’t feel comfortable with this method, give us a call for AC repair Chandler and we will send one of our highly trained service techs to take care of the issue for you.

If there is no water sitting in the drain pan causing the smell, it is also possible that strong odors such as garbage, pesticides, or tobacco smoke has permeated your evaporator coil, and that smell sticks around when you turn the AC on blowing it all over your home. If you suspect this is the case, give us a call and we can assess whether or not the smell can be cleaned out of the system. For air conditioning repair Mesa contact us right now at (480) 695-7834.

10 Plants That Improve Indoor Air Quality: Part Two

When we head off into the mountains, forests, and parks to get back into nature, we know that we can count on the fresh smell of trees and plants to invigorate us and fill our lungs with clean, crisp air. There is no reason why you can’t experience the same level of outdoor freshness in your home every day. All it takes are a few smartly-placed plants in your home to significantly improve your indoor air quality. Give us a call for the service of indoor air quality and air conditioning Chandler AZ. Find out more about the benefits of the Sharp Air Maintenance Program!

In Part One of this blog, we explored the first four plants that NASA scientists and indoor air specialists recommend adding to your home to reduce the number of air pollutants and transform your indoor air into a healthy, happy life support system for your home. Contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC for indoor air quality and air conditioning repair Mesa.

5. Boston Fern

Ferns are not only easy to care for and moderately sized growers (not too big, not too small), but they also do not require a lot of watering, making them a hearty choice for the busy homeowner. Boston Ferns love to grow where there is a good amount of humidity and indirect light, and they look great hanging from baskets and decorating the odd corners of a room.

Boston Ferns remove formaldehyde and xylene from the air and give back fresh clean oxygen in return.

6. Golden Pothos

One of the fastest-growing vines around, the Golden Pothos is a notable and favorite houseplant because it is easy to maintain and will grow up a trellis, across a ledge, or down in green leafy tendrils from inside a hanging flower pot. Vines are great home air cleaners because they pull lots of formaldehyde from the air, but the Golden Pothos also yanks carbon monoxide and benzene too, making it a great addition to a room near a garage to prevent car fumes from penetrating your home.

7. Aloe Vera

Heralded as one of nature’s most useful plants, aloe vera is a fantastic house plant that gives back in more ways than one. Not only is aloe vera a plant that is easy to care for, but it is edible, its gel has wound-healing properties, it can be used to prevent and treat sunburns and blisters on your skin, and it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too!

Aloe vera is a smart choice for creating clean, fresh indoor air as it is a big formaldehyde zapper and a gorgeous way to add a pop of green to your home.

8. Gerbera Daisies

These colorful flowers not only look great in your home, but they also help snag pollutants that make their way into your home, like trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene. These daisies need lots of light to grow and will continue to grow heartily all year long if the temperature is right indoors. These plants serve homeowners two-fold as they can clean your air and keep you supplied with fresh flowers to display for up to two weeks once cut. Just be sure to keep gerbera daisies well-drained and misted a few times a week.

9. Rubber Plants

There is a reason why so many offices opt to include rubber plants in their décor. These plants add vibrancy and life to any dreary space and they are excellent air cleaners too, ready to tackle even high-traffic air cleaning.

In the home, a well-kept rubber plant will need little sun but will remove a lot of chemicals from the air that can be found in furniture, glues, adhesives, and fabrics.

10. red-edged Dracaena (Dragon Tree)

You may not see it filling the air, but furniture lacquers, varnishes, and glues are big-time air pollutants in your home. Enter the red-edged dracaena, a bright green beauty with a striking red outline that removes xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from your home.

Dracaenas can grow tall – really tall – reaching heights of 15 feet if properly cared for and allowed to grow. The average red-edged dracaena will grow an average of 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, making it an impressive air cleaner and an attractive plant that will make your home sing with freshness.

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Sharp Air Energy Saving Tips!

Sharp Air Energy Saving Tips!

If you have lived through even one Phoenix summer, we don’t need to tell you what 110+ for over a month can do to your electric bill. Your A/C system is a major and necessary culprit of this, and at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to give you a few tips to help keep that bill a little more manageable!

  • Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLCSetting your air conditioner just 5% higher can save up to 20% on cooling costs. You don’t want to turn the thermostat completely off when you leave the house, but if you can get in the habit of bumping the temperature up to at least 80 when you leave you will notice a significant decrease in your electric bill.
  • Ceiling fans! These use very little energy and can help keep cool air circulating throughout the house. This can help make you feel a few degrees cooler and as a result, you can set your thermostat a bit higher and still be comfortable.
  • Heat rises. If you have a multiple story home, try shutting doors and reducing the space that your A/C system needs to keep cool on the top floor. The less amount of space you need to cool, the quicker and easier your system will be able to do so, leading to savings on your bill.
  • This may go without saying, but make sure to keep windows and doors closed during the day. You want to cool your home, not try to cool Mother Nature.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing your air conditioning system. Your A/C system operates most efficiently with free flowing air. Items such as furniture or other things should not block returns. Also regularly check your air filters.
  • Regular maintenance will help your system operate at its peak efficiency, keeping your electric bill down. A properly maintained A/C system can cut your cooling costs by 17%. Give Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating a call today and ask about our Sharp Air Maintenance Program specials!

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HVAC Problems In Winters

HVAC Problems In Winters

The winter season brings various changes in our lifestyles, and the significant change is the usage of heating appliances. Once we feel the winter breeze, we start using our heating appliances like furnaces and boilers to keep ourselves comfortable. Contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC for HVAC problems.

However, as we exploit our appliances for our comfort, we often forget that they need attention. You should frequently contact your HVAC company that provides services of furnace repair in Mesa AZ, if you detect a problem or malfunctioning with your system. Here are some common issues that your system may face in the winter season:

Hot and Cold Pockets

An efficient heating system will maintain a constant temperature in your home when it works. It will ensure that the whole house has the same temperature with no significant difference.

However, you may notice that there are hot and cold pockets in your home even when your heating system works for hours. Ensure that you insulate your rooms and windows properly to avoid warm air leakage. Also, check your ducts and vents for holes that may cause the warm air to leak.

Air Filters

Clean air filters ensure smooth airflow from the system to the house and vice versa. Smooth airflow helps in the efficient working of your heating system. Moreover, air filters maintain the indoor air quality of your home.

Dirty air filters do not filter out the indoor air from bacteria and viruses and force the system to work harder and for more hours to maintain the indoor temperature. Therefore, you should regularly clean and replace your filters to avoid this problem.


Thermostats often face problems like dead batteries and wiring faults while the system works. A malfunctioning thermostat severely affects the working efficiency of your heating appliance.

Check your thermostat batteries regularly and ensure that it is at the right temperature. A smart thermostat is the best solution for those families that do not stay much at home or do not have the time for their appliances. To get a smart thermostat, you can contact your HVAC company that provides heating and cooling Mesa AZ.

Pilot Light

The small blue flame that burns continuously and lights the gas in the furnace is the pilot light. The pilot light ensures that the furnace generates enough heat for the house to reach a comfortable temperature.

A dirty or malfunctioning flame sensor will cause the pilot light to malfunction. Clean the flame sensor regularly to avoid problems caused by the pilot light.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

Carbon monoxide is one byproduct developed in the furnace when the gas burns. The furnace stores the gas and exits it from the house.

However, this gas can drip into your home due to various factors. A cracked heater, a cracked heat exchanger, and inadequate ventilation can create carbon monoxide leakages. Since it is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, it is nearly impossible to detect it without the help of carbon monoxide sensors. Install carbon monoxide detectors for your safety.

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9 Warning Signs Your HVAC System Needs Repair

HVAC System Needs Repair

HVAC system are always susceptible to failure. HVAC equipment malfunctions can affect the healing process, creating loud 

When you first turn on your heating system, you may detect an unpleasant odor. It’s conceivable that the dust in the ducts is being burned out since it is a common occurrence. However, it’s probably a minor issue, and there is nothing to worry about if the stench dissipates after a few hours.

Noises and indicating system failure. This guide will help you identify your unit’s imminent failure by observing these nine signs.

Bad Odor

It may need servicing from a furnace repair in Mesa AZ. Additionally, any odors that occur after turning on your heater for the first time might indicate a problem. Ignoring these warnings might result in the furnace collapsing or a fire accident.

Clanging, Banging, or Screeching Noises

It might hint at imminent problems. For example, if your heating system makes clanking or other unusual noises, then for sure, there is an issue. Most heating systems make small noises, but if you hear anything unusual or loud, it’s time to get your heating system inspected by a professional. The sooner you get your system evaluated, the less likely it will fail, leaving you and your family with enough heat indoors.

Spots of Freezing

The heater is on, but you notice cold places as you walk inside the house where the heat does not seem to be reaching as efficiently as it should. If all the ducts are open but still feel cold in some areas, it’s a sign your system isn’t heating effectively. Check the ducts for their functioning and seek help from our professionals’ heating and cooling Mesa AZ

A Sudden Spike in Your Energy Bills

If your energy bills suddenly increase, your HVAC could malfunction. Energy bills can be high because of efficiency problems caused by restricted airflow. Professionals for heat pump repairs in Mesa can resolve this problem.

Gas Leak

An HVAC technician should be contacted right away if you smell gas. Because of the gas’s flammability, you should turn off the furnace as soon as possible. 

Power Outages 

Circuit breakers trip when your HVAC equipment’s electrical system is malfunctioning. An overloaded system or excess power can cause a fire. Call a technician to investigate.

The Pilot Light Displays the Wrong Color.

Carbon monoxide may be emitted from your ancient furnace if the flames are yellow. An incorrect combustion process or a leaky gas can cause yellow flames instead of blue. 

Moisture Buildup 

Internal water leaks cause unwanted moisture. Water collected around the system can cause various problems, including mold growth, a foul odor, and contaminated airflow. 

Long-Term Use of a Furnace

HVAC appliances have a life expectancy of about 20 years. However, it becomes more problematic as the appliance gets older and electricity bills rise. Hence, it would be best to use the most energy-efficient furnace available on the market. 

These problems will not cause immediate problems, but they can severely damage your system over time. Not addressing these problems could result in expensive repairs.

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Calling a Truce in the Thermostat War

Have you ever lived with someone who’s ideal temperature is outrageously cold or crazily hot? If finding the right temperature to suit you both is near-impossible, it can make for some frosty relations in the home (pardon the pun).

But starting a thermostat war is no way to live.

When the thermostat is jerked high and low, personal temperatures might freeze some or blast others out. To call a truce on the daily thermostat war, there are a of couple things that can be done to keep both the hot and the cold-blooded comfortable in your home.

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating also offers air conditioning Chandler AZ.

For the Cold-Blooded

Handling a roommate or significant other who is a lot more warm-blooded than you requires some creativity. To both happy at a single temperature will require some negotiation A cold-blooded person needs a warmer temperature, so there are lots of ways that a person who runs cold can warm up without making the whole house an oven.

Wear Layers

To combat cold, layer on sweaters, sweatpants, slippers. Arizona might be hot outside, but in super air conditioned spaces it can get really chilly really fast. Layering up will warm your core and keep you arguing over cooler indoor temps.

Open the Blinds

On a sunny day, open the window blinds and curl up in the sunshine on the couch. This bright light will help heat you up even in a cool home.


Nothing warms the blood like jumping jacks or strength training, and any kind of exercise is practical and healthy way to deal with cold temperatures indoors.

Cuddle with a Loved One or Pet

Staying warm in a cool house because your significant other prefers a cooler temperature is the best excuse for cuddling a pet or a loved one.

Hot Drinks

Why not indulge in a hot tea or coffee? A warm drink will warm you up in no time at all!

Hot Gadgets

Get frosty paws when you’re typing away in the office or cold feet when you’re trying to relax? There are all sorts of adorable and sleek hand and foot warmers that keep their heat going via USB plugs, making them perfect for an office warm up. Personal fave: The Yeti warmer set.

For the Hot-Blooded

Living with someone who is always cold makes it incredibly difficult to find that perfect cool temperature. One degree in the wrong direction can make you sweat, especially in the desert heat.

If you’re always hot, it seems like the only option for staying cool at home is to lower the thermostat until you’re comfy. But, a few things can be done to keep you cool while not freezing out your spouse or roommate.


Damp hair keeps you cool for longer. Whether you use cold water for getting your hair wet or hot water, wet hair gives the sensation of coolness.

Use a Fan

Although fans do not cool the temperature of the air, fans push the air around. The breeze created by a fan helps to make you feel cooler despite not having the temperature set low. Whether you’re into a standing fan, a desk fan, or a personal fan, you can stay cool without disturbing the whole house.

Indulge in Cold Treats

Whether a cold glass of water or an ice cream, cool treats keep you feeling chill. Here’s an inside tip: holding a cold drink to your wrists will cool you down quicker. With the veins of the wrist so near to the surface, the cold drink chills blood as it circulates through your body.

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How to Pet-Proof Your HVAC System

We love their wet noses and sloppy kisses, relish their human-like behavior and scratch those furry butts just to see their tails wag. Our pets fill our hearts and homes with so much love, but unfortunately, they also fill our HVAC systems with some very unwanted debris.

There are some very common issues that occur when it comes to balancing your home’s air quality and your pet’s natural (and of course forgivable) messiness. Don’t worry – you will never have to choose between keeping your HVAC clean and keeping your furry friends around. There are plenty of easy ways to ensure that the air you’re breathing is safe and clean, no matter the type of pet you have in your home. Thousands of customers in Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair, are already enjoying better quality service from Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. 

Keep Your Wires Safe

Most home air conditioning units in Arizona have an outdoor unit. Typically installed in the backyard or at the side of the house, these outdoor condenser units are just another item in your dog’s backyard kingdom. That is until your pooch notices those interesting exposed wires that run from the condenser unit into your home.

Prevent Erosion of Your Condenser

A dog, even a really smart dog, cannot tell the difference between a tree stump and your condenser when they are looking for something to urinate on. Many people opt to use condenser covers to protect against the natural elements, but those covers won’t do much to protect your unit from urine.

Over time, and with consistent urination, your outdoor condenser may begin to show signs of wear like eroding fins, which may, in turn, lead to larger condenser issues like refrigerant leaks which can be very expensive to repair. To prevent this, you can do one of two things. One, train your dog to avoid the area where the condenser is all together, or two, put up a small fence or another reasonable barrier to prevent your dog from accessing the area at all.

Keep Fur Under Control

You see it every time you sweep, dust, or vacuum your home – pet hair gets everywhere. And it’s not just the pet hair that gets everywhere either. Though you may not see it, pet dander is not only a household nuisance, but it is also a common contributor to allergies and asthma flare-ups.

No matter how on top of your home cleaning routine you may be, tiny little pet hairs and flecks of near-invisible dander can easily become airborne, making their way into HVAC’s intake.

Once inside your system, pet hair and dander should be caught by the air filter, but not all air filters are clean enough or tough enough to handle the onslaught. If you’re not careful about keeping your filters and your vents clean from dander and fur, you may end up with fur-wrapped coils and fur clogs that can seriously damage your system. We offer same-day services of air conditioning repair Mesa for all major brands of air conditioners.

There are a few things that you can do to keep the pet hair and dander from wrecking your system. First, change your filters regularly. Second, keep your home as clean as possible, and inspect your air intakes for buildup and hair which you can clean off. Third, wash and brush your furry children often to keep the fur under control and out of your air system. Fourth and finally, invest in a regular HVAC maintenance plan that can keep your system fur-free and always run perfectly. Give us a call for the service of air conditioning Chandler AZ. Find out more about the benefits of the Sharp Air Maintenance Program!

Check those Air Filters!

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLCGilbert AZ air conditioner repair recommends that you check your filter about once a month. It’s a very simple procedure and replacement filters are very reasonable. If you have any more questions please contact us and we’d be happy to send out one of our certified technicians to walk you through the process, as well as let you know about our Sharp Maintenance Program that provides you with a years supply of air filters as well as air conditioning Chandler AZ.

Clogged filters can result in the following:

  • Blower Motor Failure – If you have a clogged air filter, then your motor continues to work even harder until it overheats or possibly fails. Your blower motor pushes your heated or cooled air through the ducts in your home. If the filter is clogged this becomes more challenging for your motor.
  • Compressor Failure – Clogged and dirty air filters greatly reduce airflow through your AC system. This reduction of airflow can cause ice to build upon your indoor coil and lead to compressor failure. Make sure you are changing your air filters to avoid one of the most costly repairs in the HVAC industry; compressor replacement.
  • Short-cycling – One very common problem related to a clogged air filter is called short-cycling. This basically means that your furnace/AC unit will turn off and on very frequently. When it can’t complete an entire heating or cooling cycle it causes your unit to work very inefficiently. Inefficient operation of course results in added costs and a shorter life span of your unit.

It’s a perfect time to check your air filters. Of course, we think it’s important to check your filters regularly, but alas not everyone in the Phoenix area remembers to do so. Your filter stands between the dust and debris of the valley and the fragile components of your heating and cooling Mesa AZ. If your unit starts to get clogged up with dust you run the risk of poor heating, reduced efficiency, and even premature failure. It’s not a particularly difficult task, but very important; take the time to change your filters.

Reasons to Contact Professionals for Your HVAC Appliances

After owning HVAC appliances for many years, most of us know about their essential functions and solve minor problems. Knowing the basics of HVAC appliances is good, but thinking that you can solve all of your HVAC problems with that knowledge is wrong.

Our appliances are more than just buttons and wires. If your experience says that a specific HVAC problem would go away if you ignore it for long, it may make you spend a large bill on furnace repair in Mesa AZ. It would be best if you let professional and certified technicians deal with your appliances for many reasons.

No Guesses, Only Solutions

Your HVAC appliance is making unwanted clinking noises. The difference between you and the technician you called for heater repair in Mesa is that you will guess that the sound is coming from the fans or motors, but the technician will thoroughly inspect the whole system and fix the real cause of the problem. Instead of guessing, they put the real solution on the table and fix it within a few hours.

No Laziness, Only Professionalism

A professional technician will stay true to their job and reach your place when you fix an appointment. Their professionalism will help them understand your problem, do a quick inspection of your system, and solve it for you.

No Unwanted Accidents or Injuries

It may happen that while you show off your experience in fixing your HVAC system, you may incur an injury like a cut, bruise, or burn. Not only will you have to spend an extra bill on your injury, but also your family members will mock you for it. However, if a professional technician for heating and cooling Mesa AZ, incurs an injury, they have liability insurance to protect them from the unwanted expenditure.

No Frauds Only Certified Professionals.

Suppose you call an amateur for your HVAC problem to save yourself from mockery, and the amateur fixes the problem but steals a crucial part of your system. You try to locate them but fail to do so as they neither came from an HVAC company nor were they registered with the HERO Program. Unfortunately, many owners face such frauds, and the best way to avoid them is to contact a reputable and HERO Program qualified heater maintenance in Mesa AZ.

No Pains, Only Comfort

Your heater is troubling you in the chilly winters, or your air conditioner creates problems in the hot summers. Would you be determined to work on them due to the weather conditions? Let professional care for your problems and mess while you remain comfortable in your beds and enjoy the weather.

Sharp Air has been assisting families in Arizona for years now and is Mesa’s leading furnace installation service in Mesa. You can contact us at (480) 695-7834 or email us at to let us know your problem, and our certified and reliable technicians shall be at your doorstep within a few hours of booking the appointment.