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Sharp Air Conditioning and Heating are proud to provide Gilbert AZ Air Conditioner  and heater repair, installation, maintenance, and more to our customers in Gilbert, AZ, and Surrounding Areas.

Summers and Winters without Heating and cooling systems in Gilbert, AZ, are difficult to bear with an AC system broken down. Our skilled technicians can solve this problem by maintaining the efficiency of your present air conditioner. We can also assist you in selecting a newer, more efficient type of AC that will have a longer life. However, temperature drops and rises can be very troublesome, and we want you to know the situation.

You can stop worrying about your home energy bill expenses since our Air conditioning services are recognized for their high performance and efficiency. However, you should maintain quality to get a good deal. Our skilled specialists will answer all your inquiries and doubts. As a trusted brand known for its AC repair in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas, we will only stop once all your AC issues are resolved.

The Indications that Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Gilbert, AZ

• Your Energy Expenses have Steadily Risen.

Electricity prices typically fluctuate a little each month. However, a considerable spike in your energy bill indicates that your air conditioner is not operating at peak efficiency.

• Your AC Unit Makes an Excessive Amount of Noise.

Hearing hammering, shrieking, rattling, or other abnormal noises is not natural. However, left unattended, Loud noises indicate loose internal parts that can cause significant harm.

• Your Air Conditioner Isn't Evenly Cooling Your Home.

Do you have portions of your house that appear warmer than others that make you feel cold when you walk around? The uneven temperature may be due to a problem with the insulation or a situation requiring air conditioner repair.

Heading and Air Conditioning Services Made Easier with the Help of Our Expert Services.

• AC Repair Gilbert

Air conditioning systems rely on various components to do their duties properly. Our highly-trained specialists are equipped to handle any significant or minor AC repair Gilbert. In addition, we focus on delivering quality services that boost system efficiency and performance.

• AC Maintenance Gilbert

Our technician will complete all the air conditioner maintenance inspections to minimize frequent system failures, including inspecting the system and checking external components.
Cleaning and a complete tune-up are included in air conditioner maintenance.

• AC Replacement Gilbert

We aim to keep age, efficiency, and condition in mind when deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioning system.

• AC Installation Gilbert

A new air conditioning installation is a substantial investment for many AC owners, and professional installation is just as important as choosing the correct equipment. Therefore, we perform installations per the manufacturer’s requirements and the application.

Put Your Mind at Ease by Counting on Our Team of Experts.

Maintaining a suitable temperature in your house throughout the summer necessitates several well-functioning system mechanics. Attempting to cope with these issues on your own might damage your system. Instead, get practical solutions for your AC-related problems with proper assistance from our professional AC repair in Gilbert and surrounding areas. Contact us today, and we’ll give you all the information you need about your air conditioner.

• Time For Your Regular Heater Tune-Up

As summer closes in the next few weeks, this is a perfect time to have your heater tune-up in Gilbert, AZ, and the surrounding areas. You will be ahead of the game by making sure your heater works just before the cold season hits. So many people wait until the last minute to turn on their heaters in the fall, and the results can be disastrous. Issues that developed during the inactive periods of the summer started to become known, and customers began scrambling to find an available HVAC provider to help them with their problems.

But if you engage in maintenance and tune-up with Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating during the down season, you don’t have to worry about any of this! Instead, you can be confident that your heater is working correctly the second you decide to turn it on! The services of heating and cooling in Mesa AZ, along with the areas of Gilbert and Chandler, are available only with our help of us.

• An Ideal Time for Heater Replacement

The beginning of fall is also the perfect time to consider working with Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating on a heater replacement in Gilbert, AZ, and the surrounding areas. During this time, you won’t be using your heater, so you can easily replace it without experiencing a gap in service, and also can you go for furnace repair in Mesa AZ.
Fall is also so close to winter that once you do get a new system installed. You don’t have to wait long to use it! We all know that inactive periods can wreak havoc on your equipment. But looking into heater replacement now ensures you won’t have any idle periods before turning on your gear! There’s no way you can lose!

On top of that, Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating is willing to help you with the entire process of replacing your heater. First, we can examine your current system to make sure it is old enough to be replaced if you only need a little maintenance or repairs to get another year out of your equipment. Of course, it will be much cheaper to do that than to invest in a new system, so that is something to consider.

If you do decide you would like a replacement. We can offer you information on the bare-bones systems or the ones with all of the fancy bells and whistles. We can recommend a few based on what we know about your situation, and you can make the final informed decision!

• End Of Season AC Repairs

With the end of summer nearing, getting your AC repair Gilbert, AZ, and the surrounding areas taken care of before you forget about them is essential. With the season fresh in your mind, you can talk to a team member at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating to report your system’s shortcomings. Our technician can then look into each item you’ve reported to see if we can fix them quickly as the season ends.
You want to leave issues in the spring. Or they can quickly develop into something worse during the winter of inactivity. In other words, having a professional fix your equipment now will benefit it far in the future. Our Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair is unique and effective for all.

Your AC system is also more prone to breakdowns and issues this season. As it has already been running all summer long to keep you cool. Any major problems will have already developed, so get a Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating technician to take a look to see what they can do. Then, end the season strong by coming to a professional to have all of your issues ironed out so that Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair can be done effectively.

The Support You Need at An Affordable Price

If you want affordable heating or air conditioning service, repair, installation, replacement, maintenance, or a tune-up in Gilbert, AZ, and the surrounding areas, come to Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating. Our experts are well-trained in offering AC repair Chandler region also. We want all of our customers to have access to the best climate control solutions available. And we will make it happen for you! Call us at 480-695-7834 to schedule an appointment or consultation today!


An air conditioner that is not cold can be fixed by troubleshooting, such as making sure.  the thermostat is set in cooling mode, inspecting the circuit breaker box, cleaning dirty filters, and checking the presence of ice-buildup within the AC.

The compressor unit starts to shake when turned on and produces unusual noises

  • The HVAC system repeatedly trips the circuit breaker
  • When AC unit begins to blow warm air
  • Leakage in the AC system due to moisture
  • The condensing unit does not run when turned on


The average lifespan of an AC compressor depends on various factors such as its regular maintenance, duration of usage, size of the unit, and the requirement to fix refrigerant leaks. However, AC compressors can typically last for a decade, approximately about 12-15 years.

Appointments for AC maintenance services at Gilbert, AZ air conditioner repair are usually held annually or bi-annually and can generally take 1-2 hours.

New furnaces usually come with a 10year manufacturer limited parts warranty and a 20-year manufacturer warranty on the heat exchanger, which comprises the primary heart of the furnace.