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UV Lights in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, AZ and Surrounding Areas

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UV lights for HVAC systems are most commonly found in homes where there are both pets and children or in areas that receive a lot of natural light. This is because open windows allow pollen, dust, and other allergens to blow into the house. Pet dander provides even more for mold spores to latch on to, leading to an increased need for UV lights in HVAC systems that are used most often by families with pets.

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What are the benefits of UV lights for HVAC Systems?

UV lights for HVAC systems provide several benefits. One of the main reasons they are used is to protect against mold and fungi, which can cause respiratory problems or illnesses. They also help reduce allergens that would otherwise circulate through a home by attaching themselves to dander and dirt particles, and pollen.

UV lights can also help to keep the coils of an HVAC system clean. This is important because if the coils become dirty, it will cause the system to work harder and will eventually lead to a shorter lifespan for the entire unit. By using a UV light in conjunction with a filter, homeowners can help to maintain their system and keep it running at its best for longer.

If a home experiences flooding, UV lights can help to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms. This is because they work to disinfect the air and kill any spores that may be present.

UV lights for HVAC systems are an important addition to any home and can provide a wide range of benefits for the health and safety of the residents. By using them in conjunction with a filter, homeowners can help to keep their system running at its best while also protecting their families from harmful microorganisms.

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When do UV lights need to be replaced?

UV lights typically last around 10,000 hours which is about three years of continuous use. If an ultraviolet light for an HVAC system seems to be working intermittently or not at all, homeowners should consider having the system looked at by a professional.

If a UV light goes out, it is likely because something went wrong with the wiring or the connections. This means that having them replaced by a professional will save money in the long run.

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