HVAC Problems In Winters

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HVAC Problems In Winters

HVAC Problems In Winters

The winter season brings various changes in our lifestyles, and the significant change is the usage of heating appliances. Once we feel the winter breeze, we start using our heating appliances like furnaces and boilers to keep ourselves comfortable. Contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC for HVAC problems.

However, as we exploit our appliances for our comfort, we often forget that they need attention. You should frequently contact your HVAC company that provides services of furnace repair in Mesa AZ, if you detect a problem or malfunctioning with your system. Here are some common issues that your system may face in the winter season:

Hot and Cold Pockets

An efficient heating system will maintain a constant temperature in your home when it works. It will ensure that the whole house has the same temperature with no significant difference.

However, you may notice that there are hot and cold pockets in your home even when your heating system works for hours. Ensure that you insulate your rooms and windows properly to avoid warm air leakage. Also, check your ducts and vents for holes that may cause the warm air to leak.

Air Filters

Clean air filters ensure smooth airflow from the system to the house and vice versa. Smooth airflow helps in the efficient working of your heating system. Moreover, air filters maintain the indoor air quality of your home.

Dirty air filters do not filter out the indoor air from bacteria and viruses and force the system to work harder and for more hours to maintain the indoor temperature. Therefore, you should regularly clean and replace your filters to avoid this problem.


Thermostats often face problems like dead batteries and wiring faults while the system works. A malfunctioning thermostat severely affects the working efficiency of your heating appliance.

Check your thermostat batteries regularly and ensure that it is at the right temperature. A smart thermostat is the best solution for those families that do not stay much at home or do not have the time for their appliances. To get a smart thermostat, you can contact your HVAC company that provides heating and cooling Mesa AZ.

Pilot Light

The small blue flame that burns continuously and lights the gas in the furnace is the pilot light. The pilot light ensures that the furnace generates enough heat for the house to reach a comfortable temperature.

A dirty or malfunctioning flame sensor will cause the pilot light to malfunction. Clean the flame sensor regularly to avoid problems caused by the pilot light.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

Carbon monoxide is one byproduct developed in the furnace when the gas burns. The furnace stores the gas and exits it from the house.

However, this gas can drip into your home due to various factors. A cracked heater, a cracked heat exchanger, and inadequate ventilation can create carbon monoxide leakages. Since it is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, it is nearly impossible to detect it without the help of carbon monoxide sensors. Install carbon monoxide detectors for your safety.

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