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Sharp Air Energy Saving Tips!

Written by:
Mitch Apalategui

If you have lived through even one Phoenix summer, we don’t need to tell you what 110+ for over a month can do to your electric bill. Your A/C system is a major and necessary culprit of this, and at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to give you a few tips to help keep that bill a little more manageable!

  • Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLCSetting your air conditioner just 5% higher can save up to 20% on cooling costs. You don’t want to turn the thermostat completely off when you leave the house, but if you can get in the habit of bumping the temperature up to at least 80 when you leave you will notice a significant decrease in your electric bill.
  • Ceiling fans! These use very little energy and can help keep cool air circulating throughout the house. This can help make you feel a few degrees cooler and as a result, you can set your thermostat a bit higher and still be comfortable.
  • Heat rises. If you have a multiple story home, try shutting doors and reducing the space that your A/C system needs to keep cool on the top floor. The less amount of space you need to cool, the quicker and easier your system will be able to do so, leading to savings on your bill.
  • This may go without saying, but make sure to keep windows and doors closed during the day. You want to cool your home, not try to cool Mother Nature.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing your air conditioning system. Your A/C system operates most efficiently with free flowing air. Items such as furniture or other things should not block returns. Also regularly check your air filters.
  • Regular maintenance will help your system operate at its peak efficiency, keeping your electric bill down. A properly maintained A/C system can cut your cooling costs by 17%. Give Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating a call today and ask about our Sharp Air Maintenance Program specials!