Six Most Common HVAC Issues

This article explains the most simple problems that might arise in the HVAC system and tricks to prevent them from the beginning. 

What are the Common Problems That Develop Inside the HVAC System?

We have made a list of all the problems with their solution to help and boost the AC services’ efficiency: 

• Uneven Airflow and Temperature

A gap in the duct system or loose pipe fittings in the network can lead to such problems. 

Moreover, air filters accumulated with dust can also cause such problems. The simple solution is to replace the air filter and keep a check on the duct system. If there is a small hole in the pipe, the tape should fix the issue, but call Chandler air conditioning repair if it is more than a small hole. 

• Malfunctioning Thermostat

Check the thermostat batteries before replacing the thermostat with a new modern and smart thermostat available on the market. A programmable thermostat helps keep track of all the activities and notifies you about humidity or air quality levels issues. 

• Heat Pump Issues

Icy winds and snowfall may affect the working of HVAC systems which is why covering and protecting them is essential. It may be costly, but it prevents expensive repairs or emergency breakdowns. Also, keep the frost away from the components, which can affect their quality.

• Frozen Pipes

Ice starts forming on the AC and heating equipment due to evaporator malfunction. The refrigerant leak may be the cause of ice formation on the pipes.

• Dirty Air Filters

Dirty and dusty air filters block the air passage, and the components like the compressor and condenser do not get enough air to proceed with the cooling process. As a result, it increases the chances of a complete breakdown in the worst case and compressor failure.

• Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are dangerous to your family’s health and security. The carbon monoxide (CO) gas is a by-product of the cooling process, and it exits the residence premises from the flue vent. Call the AC repair Gilbert AZ, immediately if you can sense a rotten egg smell.

How to Prevent all the Issues and Protect the AC System from Repair Issues?

  • Schedule the AC maintenance service for heating and cooling equipment before the season commences.
  • Replace the air filter during the season and clean the filter when the season ends.
  • Covering the air conditioning Mesa AZ system outdoor unit has harsh weather that may hamper the essential AC components.
  • It is better to avoid using the HVAC systems at extreme temperatures to provide more comfort and relief.
  • Check the condensate drains and condensate pan for any significant blockage or damaged sign, and call the services to prevent it from becoming a massive problem in the longer run.

If you find any issues in your AC or heating system, call the technicians performing heating and air conditioning repair in Mesa AZ, before the peak season for affordable rates.
Sharp Air Conditioning and Heating professionals are always at your service for all seasons. Call (480)-695-7834 today!

How Do I Know When It Is Time To Replace My HVAC Unit?

Hot weather is the great equalizer, whether you rent an apartment or buy a home. Everyone is concerned about when it will be necessary to repair or upgrade the air conditioners.

While nothing lasts forever, few household system problems are more catastrophic than losing your air conditioners. If you think your air conditioner is malfunctioning, look for these symptoms that indicate it is time to replace it.

Your HVAC system will last longer if it is maintained properly. When you realize your cooling system is performing less efficiently than before or your temperature is not regulated correctly, it is time to replace your air conditioning unit.

  • How Often Should you Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners can function for a long time, but they can also shut down anytime. Unless you have difficulties with your AC unit, you should expect to replace it every 10–15 years.

Once the weather worsens, remember to keep up with maintenance and appropriate storage of the unit. Storing your air conditioner in a cold, dry, and less-trafficked area of your home will allow you to reinstall it in the spring. 

AC repair in Mesa needs the services of a qualified technician, so seek professional guidance before replacing your air conditioner.

Five signs that you should replace the air conditioner.

  • Excessive Energy Bills.

Another sign that your air conditioner needs to be replaced or repaired is a rising energy bill without additional consumption. A damaged thermostat control, leakage in your HVAC system’s ductwork, or the air conditioning unit’s age might all be the issue. The AC unit will need repair regardless of the cause.

  • Strange Odors

The smell of an air conditioner isn’t expected to be there. If this happens, there is an issue. In this case, a strong odor might suggest a burned-out wire within the system, while a musty smell could indicate mold inside the unit or in the ductwork. 

  • Strange Noises

If you hear grinding, screeching, or scratching while the air conditioner is on, it might indicate an issue with a belt sliding out of position inside the unit. Contact a professional for heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to other components.

  • The AC is Not Removing Sufficient Humidity.

One of the functions of an air conditioning unit is to reduce the humidity level in your home. The air retains a little quantity of moisture even under low-humidity conditions. The AC unit needs repair if you sense any dampness inside your home.

  • Air Conditioning Issues are Increasing.

If your air conditioner has required servicing at least three or four times in a few months, it may be better to upgrade it and stop worrying about maintenance.

Get in Touch With the Pros.

If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms, it is time to replace your outdated air conditioner. To have one of our skilled HVAC technicians analyze your existing system, contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating

Our staff can assist you with AC repair in Gilbert. If it is time for a replacement, our experts can assist you in choosing the best HVAC system for your house. 


Advantages of a HVAC Maintenance Plan

HVAC systems are now required to be able to handle extreme seasonal weather conditions. Apart from this, owning a system also means ensuring that your system remains in good health. This ensures that the system will live a long time and remain in peak condition. One of the best ways to go about this is by signing up for a maintenance plan.

AC maintenance allows your system to be inspected and tune-up when required. This reduces the chances of calling for an AC repair Chandler frequently. The more regular the maintenance is, the better for your system. That is why a maintenance plan is a good idea. 

Advantages of an HVAC maintenance plan

An HVAC maintenance plan applies to both your cooling and heating system and ensures that they don’t wear out or break down suddenly. Apart from including an AC repair Gilbert as part of the service, some of its advantages are – 

  • Helps save on extra costs

A maintenance plan can help save on extra expenses. The idea behind this is to ensure that your system receives a regular check-up to prevent parts from deteriorating or breaking down. These plans also provide various discounts and offer to their customers. Not only does this help improve the system’s efficiency, but it also prevents any issue the system might have from getting worse, which then becomes expensive to fix.

  • Professional assistance guaranteed

Though there are many videos available online that show a person how they can fix their systems by themselves, nothing beats the help of professional assistance. A maintenance plan ensures that your system is seen by and fixed by licensed, skilled technicians trained to provide the best of their abilities. This prevents you from having to call for an AC repair in Chandler in case something goes wrong while you fix the system by yourself.

  • Priority over others

One of the best advantages of applying for a maintenance plan is that it prioritizes others when it comes to having a maintenance service schedule. This ensures that your system is seen before others, and in case necessary, an AC repair Mesa can be provided as soon as possible. This also means that you won’t have to wait for hours or even days to have your system seen and its problems fixed.

  • Provides a service reminder

With how busy a person can be, it is easy to forget to schedule a service for your system. This can cause your system to wear out and lose its efficiency due to periodic check-ups and tune-ups. As regular maintenance is also part of the warranty clause, an irregularity with this service can deem your warranty void. A maintenance plan provides a service reminder that ensures that you have your system checked regularly without any disturbance to your schedule.

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