Hosting Guests with Allergies or Asthma

‘Tis the season to have company! If family and friends will be visiting your home soon, you may be wondering what you need to do to make them feel at home. Of course, there are the usual things such as preparing meals and providing a clean and comfy bed, but what about the more physical things?

Guests with allergies or asthma, for instance, may require some special preparations. After all, nobody wants to be the cause of a friend’s sneezing fit and you especially don’t want to set off a full-on asthma attack.

So how can you prevent these things from happening? Try the tips below.

Move Your Pets

Many people have allergies to typical household pets. Therefore, if you have furry friends, you’ll want to ask about pet allergies before your guests arrive. If any of your visiting loved ones happen to suffer from dog- or cat-related allergies, it’s generally a good idea to suggest another lodging option.

Nothing else available? Do what you can to rid your home of allergens.

You can start preparations by moving your animals to a private room, away from the guest rooms and the common areas. With the animals housed in another space, steam clean all furniture and carpets and dust everything. Get rid of any lurking pet hair and dander to ensure no more is allowed to accumulate before your friends and family arrive.

Invest in an Air Purifier

The air in every home is full of dust and other common allergens that are sure to set off respiratory issues in some. In order to remove these airborne allergens, invest in an air purifier. Not only will this make your visitors more comfortable, but it can also improve your family’s overall health.

Clean Everything

We mentioned steam cleaning the carpets and furniture if you have pets. However, this is actually a good idea even if you don’t have furry friends roaming your home. Pets aside, it’s a good idea to clean absolutely everything before your loved ones arrive. This will ensure your home is free from excessive dust and pesky dust mites. It’ll also leave your home looking and smelling great for your guests.

Not sure what to clean? Some of the most important cleaning tasks include:

  • Cleaning the carpet
  • Cleaning the upholstered furniture
  • Dusting every hard surface with a non-chemical cleaner
  • Washing vent covers
  • Washing all bedding in hot water

Purchase Allergen Barriers

It’s no secret that mattresses and pillows tend to gather dust mites over time. This can pose a real problem for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Fortunately, you can make your beds a little less problematic for your guests by purchasing zip-up allergen barrier covers for your mattresses and pillows. These covers trap dust mites, keeping them far from the sleeping faces of your friends and family.

Skip the Smoke

While it might be tempting to set up a nice fire in the fireplace on a cold winter evening, guests with allergies or asthma may thank you for skipping it. Many people are bothered by the smoke created by a fireplace, making the experience of roasting chestnuts on an open fire more irritating than it is fun.

Likewise, you will need to make a conscious decision to forego cigarettes or cigars. If you smoke on a regular basis, be sure to make your guests aware of this ahead of time and offer to help them find alternate accommodations if necessary.

Schedule a Tune-Up

A neglected HVAC system can easily cause issues by spreading dust, dirt, and even mold spores. Be sure to have your system looked at and have all filters replaced in time for the arrival of your visitors.

Need to schedule a tune-up and air conditioning repair Mesa? Contact us today! We would be happy to help get your system in tip-top condition for you and your visiting loved ones.

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4 Things to Know When Buying an Air Purifier

Buying an air purifier can be a big decision. With so many models and price points out there, it may be overwhelming to some.

While we’re not here to tell you exactly which unit to buy, we know a few things that can help you make the best decision for your home and your family.

Here are 4 things to think about when buying an air purifier.

  • Portability
    Most air purifier systems are lightweight and easy enough to carry but you should be conscious of your unit’s weight in the event you need to move it. Look for options that weigh in somewhere between 10-20 pounds. Anything beyond this is likely larger than what you need in your home and will be difficult to move even for little things, like changing filters or servicing if something goes wrong.
  • Long-Term Costs
    Air purifiers are generally not cheap upfront (and they shouldn’t be if you’re looking to get a quality machine), but they can also have heavy costs on the backend. Depending on what brand and type of air purifier you choose, your filters could be as low as $10 each or more than $100 each! When you purchase your purifier, be sure you know what costs to expect for the long haul.2In addition, it pays to know how much electricity your unit will use over the course of a year. Some models are not very energy efficient, meaning you could be spending a few hundred dollars annually just to have your machine running. The bottom line: Do your homework. Choose a model that fits within your budget long-term.
  • Noise Level
    Air purifiers have come a long way. (Mostly) Gone are the days of excessively noisy units like the one Ross Gellar had in the TV show, Friends. (Don’t know what we mean? Watch this clip.)Not all machines have made it to the near-silent point yet, however. It’s important to consider what level of ambient noise your family can – and is willing to – put up with. Here’s where the cost comes in again… Generally speaking, the quieter the unit, the higher the price tag. If you can’t afford a super-quiet system, consider putting yours in a common area of your home that’s away from bedrooms, like the living room or kitchen.
  • Warnings
    How do you know when something is wrong? Without some kind of warning light system, you may not know if there’s an issue and that can lead to more trouble. Make an effort to purchase an air purifier that has some sort of warning system – a light that turns on when there is an operational problem or if the filter needs to be replaced. Keep an eye on your unit so you don’t miss these warning signals. As a general rule, take a look at your purifier once every month or two to ensure it’s still in good working order. Check the filter to see if it needs to be replaced. Ensure your home is dusted and vacuumed often to alleviate any extra particles that may be floating through the air. While it’s the air purifier’s job to capture these particles, every bit of help you can give it will further ensure the longevity of your system. Buying an air purifier doesn’t have to be rocket science. With a list of things to look out for and options to consider, you’ll soon have a model that fits your family’s needs like a glove. Need a tune-up before switching from air to heat this winter? Schedule an appointment and we’ll give your HVAC a check. We also deal in repairing the AC and heating system. Check out our other services also.
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