What is that Air Conditioner Noise?

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What is that Air Conditioner Noise?

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLCAt times your home can make some pretty weird noises. Floorboards creaking, house settling, some noises are normal and there is nothing to worry about. What if you start to hear weird noises and you find out its coming from your AC? Under normal operation, your AC system should not be making noise that you may deem “weird” or “not normal”. We will go over some common noises. What may be the cause of the noise, and in some cases, what you can do to fix it.

Loud Buzzing 

Most times, the loud buzzing noise comes from an obstruction in the fan motor. If the buzzing is coming from your outdoor unit.  Make sure the power is turned off and look inside the top grille to see. You can see an obstruction. If it is coming from inside, it may be harder to locate the indoor fan motor.  The power off and visually inspect it as well. If you can see no obstructions, there may be something wrong mechanically with the fan motor, in which case you need to schedule services of air conditioning repair Mesa, give us a call to send out one of our service technicians to diagnose it for you.

Loud Rattling 

If you hear a rattling noise coming from your AC, a likely culprit may be the fan blade for your outdoor unit. Sometimes, these can come loose and actually start hitting the insides of the condenser coils. If this is the case, turn your system off and give Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating a call before the blade can do further damage. Other times, this rattling can come from a loose fan motor as well, which would need professional diagnosis and repair.

Loud Grinding 

This sound usually comes from older units. Over time, mechanical parts can rattle loose and simply break over time. In this situation. If you hear a loud grinding noise. It is best to turn your system off and give us a call to diagnose what may be causing the noise.

Loud Humming 

If you hear a loud humming noise, we can usually trace this back to failing electrical components. This is another issue that it is best to give us a call. To have one of our certified technicians come out and diagnose the problem. Malfunctioning electrical components can quickly heat up, presenting a fire risk so it is best to turn off the system  Give us a call when you hear this noise as well. Whatever the noise may be, unless you can visually inspect and remove an obstruction, it is best to give a licensed HVAC contractor a call. That’s what we are here for! It’s kind of what we do! For any noises that your AC system makes, give us a call at (480) 695-7834 and we will make sure we quiet those noises and get you back to the comforting sound of cold air running through your home. We offer in Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair service and surrounding areas.

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