Do Heat Pump Units Work Better in the Winter or Summer?

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. Similar to your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. They are also an environmentally friendly option since they reduce your carbon footprint and produce fewer greenhouse gasses.

Moreover, heat pumps eradicate the hassle of switching from central air conditioning to a furnace and vice versa with the season change. You get effective and eco-friendly heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, using a heat pump only.

Winter Or Summer: When Does a Heat Pump Work Better?

A heat pump includes the same internal components you get with furnace installation, which include a condenser, compressor, motor, fan, evaporator coil, etc., but its mechanism is different. The heat pump extracts the hot air from an outside source by absorbing it in the refrigerant.

It uses electricity to heat the extracted air and pump it indoors. During summers, it extracts hot indoor air and throws it outside.

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• No Fuel Cost

The central AC and heat pumps do not need gas or oil. Therefore, the running cost of HVAC remains the same during summer whether you use a central AC or heat pump.

Furnace installation in Mesa, AZ, involves propane gas or oil as fuel for heating. The absence of fuel makes the heat pump a better choice during winter.

• More Energy Efficiency

A heat pump is known for its energy-efficient heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ. The combustion process of a furnace involves more energy usage and high utility bills. On the other hand, a heat pump does the same task of providing heat at low energy consumption.

• No Toxic Gas Release

A heat pump uses natural sources such as air, water, and geothermal energy. Therefore, it does not involve the risk of carbon monoxide release.

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On the other hand, when the pilot flame of a furnace changes its color from blue to yellow, it indicates that the furnace is releasing toxic gas harmful to your health. Thus, a heat pump works more effectively during winter without involving any toxic gas. For all your heating and cooling needs, including furnace repairs in Mesa, AZ, contact Sharp Air Conditioning and Heating.

Other Benefits of A Heat Pump

• The dirty air ducts also degrade the air quality, whereas no such problem is involved in heat pump usage.

• You get multi-zone heating and cooling because of an individual thermostat for temperature control in each room. The different temperature settings according to requirement reduces the utility cost.

• You can also apply for a state utility incentives program if you install a heat pump instead of a furnace.

Switch to a Heat Pump This Winter in Mesa, AZ

The benefits of a heat pump make it an ideal choice for space heating. In addition to a quality heat pump, you need superior HVAC experts like Sharp Air Conditioning and Heating for heat pump installation and maintenance. We provide AC maintenance, heat pump services, and heater repair in Mesa, at reasonable rates.

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