Ways to Increase Your Heater’s Lifespan

The average furnace runs for about 15 years. Some have even managed to get 30 years from their heaters! While that is a lengthy time, it’s usual for homeowners to change their heating and cooling devices in Mesa, AZ, before they get to this point. This is primarily due to the absence of regular maintenance and care.

With regular professional services, it is possible to have the maximum life of your heating unit.

Tips To Increase the Lifespan of Your Heater

• Manage Regular Furnace Maintenance.

If you only do one with your furnace system, you should ensure that it gets a thorough tune-up every year in the fall. Preventive maintenance is always the primary indicator of how long your furnace will last.

A well-maintained furnace will perform better than a dirty one, saving you money. A clean furnace can also enhance the air quality in your home and make your home more healthy.

• Do Not Ignore Minor Furnace Issues.

During maintenance, your technician will identify possible problems with your furnace. If you put off the heater repair in Mesa to fix the issue, it will only get much worse, and you’ll find that your heating system is more likely to give up prematurely.

• Keep Air Filters Clean.

Filters are your furnace’s initial protection against grunge, dirt, and other foreign agents. In most cases, the filters of your heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, should be changed every 6 to 12 months. Filters require replacement if it is difficult to see any light through the buildup.

• Install A Smart Thermostat.

If you’re out of the home each day for nine hours and your heater is still running at full speed, it’s working too hard. This may lead to additional furnace repair, costing you more energy bills in Mesa, AZ. It’s easy to forget to set the thermostat before going out.

However, a thermostat with a programmable feature will take care of that. Reducing the temperature by just a few degrees each day can reduce your monthly energy bills by a substantial amount.

• Clean And Seal Ductwork.

American homes usually lose as much as 30% cooled and heated air through ductwork breaks. Dust and dirt accumulate in ducts and can cause obstructions that cause your furnace to overwork, requiring emergency furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, more frequently than needed. Airflow obstructions and leaky ductwork will not only pollute your indoor air but also raise your energy costs.

• Do Not Ignore Attic Insulation.

You can reduce the load on your heating system by insulating your home. Attic insulation can make the most of the warmth produced by the furnace by keeping it in the place it is needed. As a result, your furnace will have less burden, and your home will remain warm during winter.

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These tips will prolong the lifespan of your heating system. If your heating system is damaged or requires heater repair in Mesa, our trained technicians at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating are ready to assist. Do you need your heating system to undergo repair, maintenance, or replacement? Contact us at (480) 695-7834 or leave an email now.