Why Does My Furnace Not Produce Heat When It Blows Cold Air?

Do you find it strange when your furnace system produces cold air in winter instead of blowing warm air? This means your heating system requires a furnace repair in Mesa, AZ because the problem needs immediate technician attention.

Mostly, dirty air filters are the reason why your furnace heating systems start blowing cold air. If you have tried replacing the air filter and it does not seem to work, then let’s find out more reasons what could cause the issue and how to resolve the problem quickly.

The Five Reasons that Make Your Furnace System Deliver Cool Air Instead of Warm Air

The Five Reasons that Make Your Furnace System Deliver Cool Air Instead of Warm Air.

According to the experts at heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, here are the five reasons why your furnace system is inappropriately functioning:

Overheating Issues

Check the outdoor unit to check whether your system works even if the thermostat is on. If you cannot hear the processing noise, the system is shut down by the safety mechanism. Call the furnace installation in Mesa, AZ, and the technician will instruct you on how to switch on the system.

Blocked Condensate Drain Pipe

A clogged condensate drain stops the combustion process. You can clean the drain with the help of a long, soft, bristle brush. Ensure to switch off the system before you start the cleaning process.

Pilot Light Malfunctioning

If you have an old model of a furnace system, then fluctuating pilot lights could be a problem. Old furnace models have a pilot light on continually from the gas supply line. The fault could be in the light or thermocouple. Consult a technician and schedule an appointment to check out the issue.

Leaky Air Ducts

Air ducts connect to the outdoor unit and the indoor air handler to transport the air. However, if there is a massive gap or hole in the duct system, the air escapes away in the air, and you receive cold air at the other end. You should check the duct system for irregularity and fix it to solve the issue.

Issues With the Gas Supply

There is an issue with the gas supply or gas valve, and the furnace does not get sufficient fuel to continue the combustion process. Maybe the problem is with the gas supply connection if you see the pilot light is not burning. Call furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, to replace the gas valve and pipe.

How To Decide Between Furnace Repair Or Replacement?

A replacement option is best for systems that are more than ten years old. Our experts in heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, suggest replacing your old furnace system if the repair is approximately 50% of the replacement cost. Here are some signs that indicate that it is better to invest in a new heating system:

• Loud and alarming noises while working.
• Take time to heat the surroundings.
• Short cycling issues and inefficient services.
• Increased upkeep and electricity costs.

Hire Technicians To Resolve The Issue.

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating technicians will find an effective and permanent solution to repair your furnace system. Our technicians have spent several years fixing malfunctioning systems, so we will quickly find a solution to your problems. Call (480)-695-7834 and explain your issues to our furnace repair team in Mesa, AZ.