How to Pet-Proof Your HVAC System

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How to Pet-Proof Your HVAC System

We love their wet noses and sloppy kisses, relish their human-like behavior, and scratch those furry butts just to see their tails wag. Our pets fill our hearts and homes with so much love, but unfortunately, they also fill our HVAC systems with some very unwanted debris.

There are some very common issues that occur when it comes to balancing your home’s air quality and your pet’s natural (and of course forgivable) messiness. Don’t worry – you will never have to choose between keeping your HVAC clean and keeping your furry friends around.

There are plenty of easy ways to ensure that the air you’re breathing is safe and clean, no matter the type of pet you have in your home. Thousands of customers in Gilbert, AZ, air conditioner repair, are already enjoying better quality service from Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. 

How to Dog-Proof Your HVAC System in 3 Steps

• Keep Your Wires Safe

Most home air conditioning units in Arizona have an outdoor unit. Typically installed in the backyard or at the side of the house, these outdoor condenser units are just another item in your dog’s backyard kingdom. That is until your pooch notices those interesting exposed wires that run from the condenser unit into your home.

• Prevent Erosion of Your Condenser

A dog, even a really smart dog, cannot tell the difference between a tree stump and your condenser when they are looking for something to urinate on. Many people opt to use condenser covers to protect against the natural elements, but those covers won’t do much to protect your unit from urine.

Over time, and with consistent urination, your outdoor condenser may begin to show signs of wear like eroding fins, which may, in turn, lead to larger condenser issues like refrigerant leaks which can be very expensive to repair.

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To prevent this, you can do one of two things. One, train your dog to avoid the area where the condenser is all together, or two, put up a small fence or another reasonable barrier to prevent your dog from accessing the area at all.

• Keep Fur Under Control

You see it every time you sweep, dust, or vacuum your home – pet hair gets everywhere. And it’s not just the pet hair that gets everywhere either. Though you may not see it, pet dander is not only a household nuisance, but it is also a common contributor to allergies and asthma flare-ups.

No matter how on top of your home cleaning routine you may be, tiny little pet hairs and flecks of near-invisible dander can easily become airborne, making their way into HVAC’s intake.

Once inside your system, pet hair and dander should be caught by the air filter, but not all air filters are clean enough or tough enough to handle the onslaught.

If you’re not careful about keeping your filters and your vents clean from dander and fur, you may end up with fur-wrapped coils and fur clogs that can seriously damage your system. We offer same-day services of air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ for all major brands of air conditioners.

There are a few things that you can do to keep the pet hair and dander from wrecking your system.

  • First –  change your filters regularly.
  • Second-  keep your home as clean as possible, and inspect your air intakes for buildup and hair which you can clean off.
  • Third –  wash and brush your furry children often to keep the fur under control and out of your air system. Fourth and finally, invest in a regular HVAC maintenance plan that can keep your system fur-free and always run perfectly.

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Frequently Asked questions

To protect your AC unit from damage caused by dogs, make sure to keep the area around the unit clear of debris, consider installing a fence or barrier to keep them away, use positive reinforcement training to teach your dog to stay away from the unit, and promptly repair any damage that does occur. If you need assistance with AC repair or maintenance, don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating. Our team is here to help keep your unit running efficiently.

To protect your outdoor HVAC unit, make sure to keep the area around the unit clear, consider installing a fence or barrier to prevent accidental damage, invest in a protective cover for the unit, and perform regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition. By following these steps, you can ensure that your HVAC unit continues to function correctly and efficiently. If you need assistance with maintenance or repair, don't hesitate to contact our professionals today.

Most dogs can tolerate a wide range of temperatures as long as they have access to water and are not left in extreme conditions. Generally, it is best to keep the temperature in your home between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit when you are not home. This temperature range is comfortable for most dogs and will help keep them comfortable and safe while you are away. It is also suggested to provide your dog with access to shade and plenty of water to help them stay cool in the high temperatures of Arizona.

Yes, dog urine can cause damage to an AC unit. Urine can contain high levels of nitrogen, which can harm the components of an AC unit. If the urine comes into contact with the compressor, it can cause corrosion, leading to expensive repairs or even a complete unit failure.