Calling a Truce in the Thermostat War

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Calling a Truce in the Thermostat War

Have you ever lived with someone whose ideal temperature is outrageously cold or crazily hot? If finding the right temperature to suit you both is near impossible, it can make for some frosty relations in the home (pardon the pun).

But starting a thermostat war is no way to live.

Personal temperatures might freeze some or blast others out when the thermostat is jerked high and low. So call a truce on the daily thermostat war; some things can be done to keep both the hot and the cold-blooded comfortable in your home.

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  • For the Cold-Blooded

Handling a roommate or significant other who is much more warm-blooded than you requires creativity. To both happy at a single temperature will require some negotiation. A cold-blooded person needs a warmer temperature, so there are many ways that a person who runs cold can warm up without making the whole house an oven. Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is also offer AC repair Gilbert.

  • Wear Layers

To combat cold, layer on sweaters, sweatpants, and slippers. Arizona might be hot outside, but it can get chilly fast in super air-conditioned spaces. Layering up will warm your core and keep you arguing over cooler indoor temps.

  • Open the Blinds

On a sunny day, open the window blinds and curl up in the sunshine on the couch. This bright light will help heat you even in a fantastic home.

  • Exercise

Nothing warms the blood like jumping jacks or strength training; any exercise is a practical and healthy way to deal with cold temperatures indoors.

  • Cuddle with a Loved One or Pet

Staying warm in a fantastic house because your significant other prefers a cooler temperature is the best excuse for cuddling a pet or a loved one.

  • Hot Drinks

Why not indulge in hot tea or coffee? A warm drink will warm you up in no time at all!

  • Hot Gadgets

Get frosty paws when you’re typing away in the office or cold feet when you’re trying to relax? All sorts of adorable and sleek hand and foot warmers keep their heat going via USB plugs, making them perfect for an office warm-up. Personal fave: The Yeti warmer set.

  • For the Hot-Blooded

Living with someone always cold makes it incredibly difficult to find that perfect cool temperature. One degree in the wrong direction can make you sweat, especially in the desert heat.

If you’re always hot, the only option for staying cool at home is to lower the thermostat until you’re comfy. But a few things can be done to keep you cool while not freezing out your spouse or roommate.

  • Shower

Damp hair keeps you cool for longer. Whether you use cold water for getting your hair wet or hot water, wet hair gives the sensation of coolness.

  • Use a Fan

Although fans do not cool the temperature of the air, fans push the air around. The breeze created by a fan helps to make you feel cooler despite not having the temperature set low. Whether you’re a standing fan, a desk fan, or a personal fan, you can stay cool without disturbing the whole house.

  • Indulge in Cold Treats

Cool treats, whether a cold glass of water or ice cream, keep you feeling chill. Here’s an inside tip: holding a cold drink to your wrists will cool you down quicker. With the wrist’s veins so near the surface, the cold drink chills blood as it circulates through your body.

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