Reasons Why My Heat Pump Constantly Turns On And Off and the Surrounding Areas

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Heat pumps are an advantage over conventional furnaces and boilers because of the ability to warm your home when needed and turned off when not needed. However, this benefit could also become an issue and spike your energy bills. Prevent your heat pump from failure by scheduling a heat pump repair in Mesa and bring your system back to its peak capacity.

Reasons why your heat pump turns on and off constantly.

Your heating system often malfunctions and goes on and off several times in a short time. This constant on-and-off cycle is termed short cycling. It restrains your device from proper heating and cooling and disturbs the temperature sync. Therefore, it becomes essential to know the reasons below.

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are pivotal in keeping the contaminants out of the sensitive internal heating system. However, without regular cleaning, these clogged filters restrict airflow and result in system overheating. It is a serious issue as any device will shut down due to overheating, or the entire system could malfunction.

You can vacuum off all the dirt and debris yourself or even replace the filters after a scheduled time. However, to avoid serious complications, contact a professional from heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, and extend the efficiency of your system.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat handles the main temperature settings. Therefore, an ill-functioning thermostat can cause short cycling. Faulty wiring, programming issues, and inaccurate placement can also be the reasons for thermostat errors. You can check for the faults yourself with the help of the manual or contact your local HVAC technician to assess the problem.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the key to achieving the desired temperature in your house. It is a liquid that absorbs heat, then adjusts the temperature of the air passing above it and brings you precise heat. However, it is harmful and detrimental to the environment, so even a small leak should not be ignored.

If you see ice on the coils or hear hissing sounds call the technician for service immediately. Keep a safe distance from the chemical and let the experts handle it.

Oversized Heat Pump

Each house is different, and so are the heating requirements. Heat pumps are available in all sizes and serve all purposes. However, you don’t need a bigger size but an accurate and efficient system here. The reason is that a larger system will heat your home faster and then turn off; after some time, it will turn on again to heat the air and turn off.

This cycle will keep repeating over and over, draining more power and ultimately reducing the efficiency of your system. The best you can do is hire a professional and install the right-sized heat pump after proper inspection. It will prevent your system from overworking and deliver better-quality hot air.

To sum up,

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