How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Air Filter?

What would occur if you neglected to replace your AC filter? It seems unlikely that such a small component could significantly impact comfort and air quality, yet it does. Consider cleaning the air conditioner the same way you would the rest of your home or office.

What Happens If Your AC Filter Isn't Changed?

A Damaged Device

The risk of not replacing the home’s air filter for an extended period is that system damage will eventually result. Don’t let carelessness cost you thousands of dollars; upgrading an air filter costs $50 for your heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ .

Damage to Evaporator Coils

Your home’s evaporative coils are in charge of eliminating heat to keep it cool. According to experts for air conditioning repair in Mesa, evaporator coil failure will occur if you don’t change your air filters for a while.

Regular Breakdown

You’ll probably have breakdowns regularly if you don’t change your filters. It is inconvenient and expensive to have AC repair in Chandler. Avoid this by changing your filters.

When Should Your HVAC Filters Be Changed?

• The size of your home, your way of life, and whether or not you have pets affect how often you change your filters.

• Changing the filters in homes with more than two pets at least once every 45 days is recommended.

• It is advised that air filters be changed every 90 days in homes without pets. Otherwise, you will need AC repair in Chandler sooner than expected.

• If you are unsure about the frequency, follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

• Checking the manufacturer’s instructions is the only way to determine when to change dirty air filters.

• Most modern HVAC systems feature cutting-edge technology that will let you know when to replace them. According to experts for air conditioning repair in Mesa, a red indicator light will show you it’s time to replace the filters.

Indications that you’re Filter Needs Cleaning Or Replacement.

Warm Air

It occurs because the unit works harder than usual and generates more heat. It is a blatant sign that you must replace the air filters immediately since they are blocked.

Not Cooling the House.

An air conditioner’s job is to maintain a cool environment inside the house. However, if you start noticing that the HVAC is not effectively cooling your home, this may indicate that your air filters are clogged.

Rising Energy Costs

Clogged air filters may be at blame if you see an unexpected, significant rise in energy costs. High energy costs result from your system working harder to cool your home.


If you don’t replace the central air filter, you will notice dust in your house or around the HVAC system. It indicates dust circulating throughout your home due to clogged air filters.


Dust and indoor allergens are the leading causes of respiratory allergies. Your dirty air filters will distribute dust throughout the house. Family members’ coughing, wheezing, or sneezing could be some physical symptoms.

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