What Could Be the Causes of Furnace Leakage?

If you notice a pool of water forming around the furnace that may be steadily increasing, your system is facing leakage issues. If the leakage problem persists, you may have to contact heating services for HVAC repair in Mesa, AZ.

However, you can try to stop the leakage until the expert arrives to fix it. To fix it, you should know the reasons that may cause a leakage issue.

Reasons Why the Water Is Dripping from the Furnace System

• Water condensation

Water condensation is one of the most common reasons behind furnace leakage. It happens when water leaks from the air vents and falls to form a pool that keeps increasing with time.

The problem frequently happens during winter because hot air rises naturally and causes condensation inside the furnace. Call an expert technician for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, to improve the HVAC system’s efficiency and make it last longer.

• Blocked Air Return Vent

A blocked air return vent is another reason behind leaks inside a furnace. When your appliance is installed inside the wall, the air duct leads to the furnace outside your home.

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If the duct gets clogged with dust, the air coming through it is no longer filtered by the furnace before entering your home. The blocked air return may cause the furnace to overheat and lead to leakage.

• A Blocked Pipe

If the furnace is leaking water and happening more than usual, you must check the pipe that runs from the appliance to your home. There may be a crack in the pipe, or condensation may have built up inside it during the winter months.

You can clean up the pipe if it is blocked or wait for it to evaporate naturally during the summertime.

• Blocked Drain Pipe

A blockage in the drain pipe that leads from your furnace to the septic tank is another reason for the appliance leakage. The drain pipe is necessary to get rid of water because if it gets clogged, you may see an increase in the water level that causes leakage around the furnace.

This may leave you with no option but to contact a technician for heater repair in Mesa.

• A Broken Humidifier

If your humidifier is clogged or broken, it may cause more condensation, leading to furnace leakage. It is because clogging will result in the water pouring out of the humidifier and falling in and around the furnace.

• A Bad Blower Motor

If your blower motor is not working properly, it may lead to furnace leakage. The problem persists when the screws that connect the motor to the main housing unit loosen up or get stuck because of the constant functioning of the appliance.

Bottom Line,

You must contact a technician immediately after finding out about your furnace leakage. A leak in the appliance means it requires immediate assistance and may soon degrade the entire system’s efficiency.

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Signs of an Emergency Furnace Repair

You noticed a few weird signs with your furnace but decided to ignore them, thinking that they would go away with time. We assume that they did not go away; otherwise, you would not be here reading this article.

Furnaces create frequent problems for their owners, and the owner must notice that problem and call a professional technician furnace repair in Mesa, AZ. However, the owners may get late in detecting those problems and may have to call for help for an emergency repair job. If you are one such owner, continue reading to know the seven signs that mean your furnace needs an immediate and urgent repair:

Frequent Breaker Tripping

The breaker’s role is to prevent too much electricity flow by tripping and breaking the electric connection. A breaker may trip once or twice, but you should contact a professional for heater repair in Mesa without delay if it trips more than that.

Frequent Water Puddles

Residential furnaces use water to warm your home. If you notice that there are frequent puddles near your furnace, no matter how many times you wipe them, it means that water is leaking from the furnace, and it can do serious damage to the system. You should call a professional for emergency furnace repair.

Unwanted Noises

The latest furnaces make little to no sound while working, but if the sounds disturb your peace, they are noises. Unwanted noises indicate that the internal system of your furnace is whacky and needs immediate furnace repair.

A Sudden Decrease in Efficiency

A furnace loses its efficiency with the passing years, but something is wrong if it loses too much efficiency within a few months. Your five-year-old furnace should not act like a fifteen-year-old furnace. Contact your technician for emergency heater maintenance in Mesa, AZ.

Gas Leakage

Gas leaks are uncommon and harmful. Gas leaks can cause fires in the house, so you should immediately shut off your system and contact your technician to fix the leak. You can install gas detectors to avoid such problems in the future.


Short cycling can severely harm the insides of your furnace. Short cycling can lead to unexpected breakdowns of the furnace, and you may have to buy a new furnace in the middle of the winter season when they are the costliest. Contact your technician when you notice that your system shortens cycles more than twice a day.

Cold Air

A furnace’s job is to warm your home with warm air. Getting cold air from your furnace is getting no money during the festive season; useless. Check whether the air is warm or cool by placing your hand in front of the vent. If you feel cold, contact your technician who provides furnace installation services in Mesa immediately.

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