How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise?

While air conditioners may appear to be one of history’s greatest inventions for individuals who live in hot regions, they may be quite unsettling when they rattle all night. The only thing worse than checking into a hotel with a noisy air conditioner unit is having a noisy air conditioner at home! 

Your HVAC system may be creating a range of alarming noises, like pounding, buzzing, and hissing, to name a few. These noises, of course, indicate a much more serious problem than their impact on your peace. This might call for air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ.

Tips on Reducing Air Conditioner Noise

Given Below are a Few Tips for Reducing AC Noise:

  • Try building a fence in front or around the air conditioner to create a sound barrier and stop the sound from moving. You can choose to fence the air conditioner with plywood or buy an air conditioner fence. To allow proper air movement, maintain the fence at least 3 feet away from the air conditioner. If you want to reduce noise, make sure there are no gaps between the fence boards. By overlapping the fence boards, you can reduce gaps.
  • Place your air conditioner away from common areas, such as bedroom windows, living rooms, and patios. The further you are from your air conditioner, the less noise it makes.
  • Avoid placing your air conditioner against brick walls or other shiny surfaces since this may generate an echoing effect, amplifying the noise.
  • You can try to enclose the air conditioner with fencing, but keep in mind that if ventilation is restricted, performance may suffer.
  • Air conditioners are loud, and the less expensive the air conditioner, the more noise it will likely create. For this reason, premium air conditioners with lower noise levels are built. If you can’t handle the sound of your present air conditioner and have tried to lessen it but are still unhappy, consider upgrading to a higher model that is designed to be quieter and more efficient.

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Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working For These 6 Reasons

Air conditioners are indeed one of the most frequently used household equipment. However, they also need constant maintenance to ensure their durability and longevity. What are some of the common factors that impact how your air conditioner works? Which is the best AC repair Gilbert?

6 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working

  • Thermostat 

The thermostat of an air conditioner plays a major role in increasing efficiency. The thermostat is out of power or has dead batteries, which is a common cause why your air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it used to. All you require to do is change the batteries or call up an AC repair Mesa to get your air conditioner thermostat fixed. 

  • Turned Off Switches 

The indoor air conditioner switches located in the attic or garage could have been turned off. However, this can only happen accidentally. A switch for an air conditioner unit that is located outdoors, on the other hand, could be switched off for a variety of causes. Check the switches and turn them on. 

  • Circuit Breaker 

If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working, chances are you’ve managed to trip the circuit breaker. Breakers frequently trip when a circuit is overloaded. If the breaker goes again, think about turning off any other equipment that could be causing the problem. Call a repair professional to ensure this doesn’t happen regularly. 

  • Dirty Air Filters 

A dirty air filter is one of the most unnoticed factors that can affect an air conditioner. Air filters often get clogged up due to dirt, debris, and fur. It is mandatory to clean them and replace them at least once a month. This can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Clean air filters also directly contribute to the better indoor air quality of an air conditioner. A repair professional can ensure that the filters are clean and replaced. 

  • Dirty Indoor And Outdoor Coils 

An air conditioning system has two coils, one indoor and one outdoor. Another common reason why your air conditioner might not be working the way it is supposed to be could be a reason for dirty coils. Dirty coils are a consequence of a thermostat being set inappropriately. Check your thermostat before you turn on an air conditioner. Get the coils replaced by a repair professional. Double-check the temperature on your thermostat before switching an AC on. Hire an expert to replace the coils. 

  • Blown Fuse 

There are two fuses in an air conditioner. One is a thermostat fuse, while the other is an internal air conditioner fuse. The most common reason behind an air conditioner not working is blowing both or one of the fuses. Either way, only an air conditioner repair can fix the problem. 

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