How Long Should I Expect My Air Conditioning To Last?

Whether you’re thinking about air conditioning Chandler AZ or considering buying a new unit in Mesa, Gilbert, AZ, you’ve probably come across the topic, “how long do air conditioners last?” It’s heartbreaking to learn that your best comfort companion has a limited lifespan and won’t be with you forever.

When an air conditioning reaches the end of its valuable life. It will break down more often and consume more energy than is necessary.

That’s why it is essential to understand how long air conditioners last. What factors influence their lifespan, and how to determine when the complete system needs to be replaced.

Factors That Affect Air Conditioner’s Life:

Many factors determine the longevity of an air conditioner. The following is a list of the most prevalent elements that influence its lifespan:

  • Size Of Your AC

Have you ever purchased an air conditioner without considering its size? This is a problem that is sometimes disregarded. But the impact that size has on the life of your air conditioner can be significant. An air conditioner with a bigger capacity than required will have short cycles, which means it will turn on and off frequently. 

As a result, an ac unit that isn’t the correct size is overworked. In the long run, this will shorten its longevity.

  • Quality Of System & Installation

While you don’t have to buy the most expensive system on the market, it’s a good idea to look into the manufacturers and model’s reputation and ratings. If the installer is not an HVAC expert, they may take shortcuts and make mistakes that reduce the equipment’s lifespan. As a result, you should also look into the installer’s reputation.

When determining how long an air conditioner should last, consider whether your equipment and installer have a reputation for dependability.

  • Routine Service History

Regular preventative maintenance cannot be overstated in terms of extending the life of your equipment. If you realize you haven’t been as aggressive with routine maintenance as you should have been, you could be setting yourself up for an early equipment replacement. However, if your system is maintained regularly, your air conditioner may defy its age and endure more than 15 to 20 years or even longer. When you need heating and cooling Mesa AZ. Contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating.

  • Overall Condition Of The Equipment

Are you considering the number of visits you’ve had from repair technicians when deciding how long an air conditioner should last? Are you sustaining your unit for another season? Constant repair, especially on an older system, is a red signal that a replacement is needed.

As buying an air conditioner requires a significant investment, you’ll want to know how long it will last. All of the information given above can assist you in determining whether your air conditioner is nearing the end of its valuable life and whether you should repair it or replace it. 

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Does My Air Conditioner Need Servicing?

Living without Air Conditioner is impossible. For AC to work constantly requires constant maintenance. You have to ensure that your AC works and is not troubling you more often. To keep your AC at best, you can do some DIY but, the best way is to hire service from an HVAC contractor.

It will keep your AC maintained and will give you proper guidance on how to maintain your AC. Time to time service will keep your family safe from any harm and will create a pleasant atmosphere.

Do You Need Service For Your AC?

It’s a machine and: it will grow old. A time to time service will keep it healthy. If; you ignore the proper maintenance required. It may start causing you problems which costs a lot. Getting a new one always is not the answer. They do exist for 10-15 years if you take proper care.

Get Annual Service Because:
  • Regular maintenance gives you great results.
  • It will be working fine all the time without causing you any trouble. 
  • It will not only solve the problem; but also give efficiency that matters a lot. Regular service will give your home pleasant air to breathe because of the efficiency.
  • It will protect your AC from any harm. Even if your AC is in perfect condition, it will benefit you.
  • If your AC unit is getting old and lacking efficiency. The regular services will be beneficial to gain back some energy to perform better.

Service will help you save money. Huge damage will cost you a lot but regular service will keep your AC unit checked and not cause any huge trouble. There are plenty of advantages when it comes to regular services. It helps you in saving money and giving you the efficiency you want. 

How Often Do You Need To Get Your AC Unit Serviced?

The AC heating and cooling Mesa AZ services suggest you get your AC serviced once a year. Inspection will ensure your AC unit be Maintained and keep your unit healthy and avoid damages. An HVAC contractor will inspect refrigerant levels, system controls, condenser unit, and thermostat settings. Assuring; you that everything works properly.

There are some things you can do yourself from time to time. Changing the filter once a month and removing debris. Doing your part and getting your Air Conditioner repaired, will stay in a perfect state.

Apart from the DIY, you have AC repair Chandler. If you suspect anything is damaged, you must contact an HVAC contractor. Technicians are experienced in what they do. You will get proper guidance. You can trust your HVAC contractor and benefit with efficiency.

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When To Service My Air Conditioning In Gilbert Arizona?

With the rising temperatures in Gilbert, Arizona, having a functional AC unit is a necessity. Having to experience the heat waves during the middle of the day because of a faulty AC unit can be your worst nightmare. To prevent these situations now is the time to get your air conditioning repair MesaRegular maintenance keeps your system from breaking down and ensures maximum efficiency.

How To Perform The Servicing Of The Air Conditioning Unit?

Keeping the AC unit in good condition requires it to be serviced regularly. To keep the AC in good condition, follow the instructions given below:

Replace The AC Filters

Dirty air filters can not only affect the cooling capacity of your AC unit but also decrease the air quality of the home significantly. The air filters must be cleaned at least once a month to ensure the proper cooling of the air filters. The air filters prevent dust and other particles from entering the unit.

Inspect The Drain Line

If the drain line is closed or if there is a leak in the drainpipe this can cause the growth of bacteria or fungi in your system. Make sure to ensure regular cleaning of the drainpipe, this will ensure the moisture that is trapped in the Ac unit escapes the unit.

Ensure The Condensing Fan Is Working Properly

The function of the condensing fan is to cool down the coolant or the refrigerant gas. In case the condensing fan is not working, it will be evident by the poor cooling effect of the AC unit. If you experience any weird noises coming out of your AC unit, call a professional in Chandler air conditioning repair immediately. That indicates that there may be a problem with the condensing fan.

Clean The Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are responsible for absorbing the heat energy from the room and cooling it. The coil sucks the dust particles while insulating the particles make it harder for the coil to absorb heat energy and cool the room. That causes the unit to put on more load to make the AC unit work efficiently and results in higher utility bills. Therefore, regular cleaning of the evaporator coils must be ensured for optimum performance. Cleaning the evaporator coils is a bit tricky. It is advised to call an expert for help if you are not sure how to do this.

Clean Up

There’s a chance that a lot of dirt, dust, and fallen leaves will collect at the system’s outside unit. Make sure you clean the surroundings of the unit frequently to make sure these particles do not enter the system. Cleaning the area around the system will allow enough airflow around the condensing unit for it to work efficiently.

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