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3 Reasons Why Your AC Should Be Replaced

3 Reasons Why Your AC Should Be Replaced

A new AC is a must-have for homeowners in Mesa Arizona especially with the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Poor heating conditions can make it difficult to breathe, leading to uncomfortable living conditions. Not only would a new AC prevent these things from happening, but newer AC’s are also much more efficient than their older counterparts and your property can see an increased value. When you’re looking for air conditioning Chandler AZ. Don’t worry; Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC is here to help you.

Your Old AC Keeps Getting New Problems

It always seems like there’s something wrong with it. Water is leaking, or temperatures don’t feel right, you constantly hear weird noises or smell funny odors. If your AC was installed several decades ago, you should definitely get a newer one. Technology is constantly changing, why keep the older one if it keeps giving you problems even after you’ve repaired it several times? You’re just wasting your time and money at that point.

Newer AC’s are much more efficient at controlling the temperature inside your home as well as controlling the overall humidity, leading to a more comfortable life. We tend to overreact when we are uncomfortable, heat exhaustion is no exception to the rule.  Newer AC’s also have better air filters than the older ones as we now have better methods of trapping unwanted dust, debris, mold, and bacteria from entering through our AC systems. These problems can cause undue breathing difficulties, especially for those who have allergies or asthma.

A Newer AC Can Help Lower Your Electric Bill

As with the newer light bulbs and appliances, newer AC’s are much more energy-efficient than those of the past. Older models are known to cause problematic spikes in electric bills. With a lower electric bill, you can keep your AC running even longer while also running more appliances without causing them to overheat.

New AC’s Can Add Up To 5% Value To Your Home

Consumer Reports say that home automation, especially a new AC System, can potentially increase the value of your home by as much as 5%. This translates to a value of $5000 – $15,000, depending on the value of your home. That return on your investment in itself is worth getting your old AC.

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