What are The 10 Benefits of AC Repair Service

Air conditioning has become essential to our lives, especially in areas with high temperatures. However, your AC needs proper maintenance and repair to run efficiently like any other machine. AC repair services are essential to keep your unit functioning properly and to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of a cool and comfortable home or office. 

This blog will discuss the ten benefits of AC repair service and why you should consider hiring Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating. If you need the best AC repair in Gilbert, AZ, contact us today.

Benefits Of AC Repair Service

1. Improved Air Quality

One of the significant benefits of AC repair service is that it improves the air quality inside your home or office. With time, your AC unit can gather dust, dirt, and other particles, circulating throughout your home once you switch on the AC. This can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. By scheduling regular AC repair service, you can ensure that your unit is clean and functioning correctly, which will improve the air quality inside your home or office.

2. Lower Energy Bills

An AC unit that is not functioning properly can consume more energy, leading to higher energy bills. Scheduling regular AC repair service can guarantee that your unit operates efficiently, reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills. This can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

3. Longer Lifespan

AC units that are regularly maintained and repaired can have a longer lifespan. Regular maintenance and repair can help identify and fix minor issues before they become significant problems that can cause irreparable damage to your unit. By extending the lifespan of your AC unit, you can save money in the long run by avoiding the need for costly replacements.

4. Quieter Operation

An AC unit that is functioning correctly will operate more quietly. If your AC unit makes unusual noises, it may indicate a problem requiring repair. By scheduling AC repair service, you can ensure that your unit operates quietly, which can improve the comfort level inside your home or office.

5. Improved Comfort

The primary benefit of AC repair service is that it can improve the comfort level inside your home or office. A well-functioning AC unit can keep your home or office cool and comfortable, even on the year’s hottest days. By scheduling regular AC repair service, you can ensure your unit functions correctly, improving your comfort level.

6. Fewer Repairs

Regular AC repair service can help identify and fix minor issues before they become significant problems requiring costly repairs. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can ensure that your AC unit is functioning correctly, reducing the need for repairs and saving you money in the long run.

7. Safer Operation

Regular AC repair service is essential for the safer operation of your AC unit. In Chandler, AZ, air conditioning repair is particularly important due to high temperatures putting a strain on AC units. 

Faulty electrical connections or refrigerant leaks can cause safety hazards, including fire risks or harmful gas leaks. Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating technicians are highly trained to identify potential hazards and promptly repair them to ensure your AC unit functions safely. 

Additionally, it’s vital to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home or office, especially if you have a gas-powered AC unit. Schedule regular air conditioning services in Chandler, AZ, with Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating to ensure the safer operation of your AC unit.

8. Better Performance

An AC unit that is functioning correctly will perform better. A well-functioning AC unit can cool your home or office quickly and efficiently, even on the hottest days of the year. By scheduling regular AC repair service, you can ensure that your unit is functioning correctly, which can improve its overall performance.

9. Improved Efficiency

AC units that are not functioning correctly can consume more energy, leading to higher energy bills. By scheduling regular AC repair service, you can ensure your unit runs efficiently, reducing energy consumption and improving overall efficiency. This can save you money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

10. Peace of Mind

Regular AC repair service can provide you with peace of mind. Knowing that your AC unit is functioning correctly and safely can alleviate any worries about unexpected breakdowns or safety hazards. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your AC unit is in good hands.

Know When To Schedule AC Repair

Knowing when to schedule AC repair is essential to ensure your unit functions correctly and efficiently. Below are some indications that suggest it’s time for you to schedule an AC repair service:

• Your unit is blowing warm air
• Your AC unit is making unusual noises
• Your energy bills have increased unexpectedly
• Your AC unit is leaking water
• Your unit is not cooling your home or office effectively
• Your AC unit is emitting a strange odor

Don’t wait for the AC system problems to worsen; take immediate action if you encounter any issues. Instead, contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating today for professional air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled AC technicians will diagnose and resolve any issues with your unit to ensure it runs efficiently and effectively. Don’t let a minor issue turn into a significant problem.

Why Choose Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating for AC Repair Service?

If you’re looking for reliable and professional air conditioning repair in Mesa, or Chandler, AZ, Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating is the right choice. We have been serving these areas for years, and our highly skilled AC technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle any AC repair service you may need.

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating understands the importance of having a functional AC unit, especially during the hot summers in Arizona. We offer prompt and efficient AC repair service to ensure you and your family stay cool and comfortable all year round.

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When you choose Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating for AC repair service, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service possible. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and up-to-date techniques to diagnose and fix your AC unit quickly and efficiently. Their technicians are trained to handle all types of AC units, so you can trust that your unit is in good hands.

In addition to their excellent AC repair service, Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. also offers maintenance and installation services. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your AC unit functions correctly and efficiently. We can also help you choose the suitable AC unit for your home or office and install it properly to ensure optimal performance.

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating is committed to providing customers with the best air conditioning in Mesa, AZ. Our 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google speak for the excellent customer service and the quality of our work. We also offer seasonal promotions to help you save money on your AC repair service.

Six Most Common HVAC Issues

This article explains the most simple problems that might arise in the HVAC system and tricks to prevent them from the beginning. 

What are the Common Problems That Develop Inside the HVAC System?

We have made a list of all the problems with their solution to help and boost the AC services’ efficiency: 

• Uneven Airflow and Temperature

A gap in the duct system or loose pipe fittings in the network can lead to such problems. 

Moreover, air filters accumulated with dust can also cause such problems. The simple solution is to replace the air filter and keep a check on the duct system. If there is a small hole in the pipe, the tape should fix the issue, but call Chandler air conditioning repair if it is more than a small hole. 

• Malfunctioning Thermostat

Check the thermostat batteries before replacing the thermostat with a new modern and smart thermostat available on the market. A programmable thermostat helps keep track of all the activities and notifies you about humidity or air quality levels issues. 

• Heat Pump Issues

Icy winds and snowfall may affect the working of HVAC systems which is why covering and protecting them is essential. It may be costly, but it prevents expensive repairs or emergency breakdowns. Also, keep the frost away from the components, which can affect their quality.

• Frozen Pipes

Ice starts forming on the AC and heating equipment due to evaporator malfunction. The refrigerant leak may be the cause of ice formation on the pipes.

• Dirty Air Filters

Dirty and dusty air filters block the air passage, and the components like the compressor and condenser do not get enough air to proceed with the cooling process. As a result, it increases the chances of a complete breakdown in the worst case and compressor failure.

• Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are dangerous to your family’s health and security. The carbon monoxide (CO) gas is a by-product of the cooling process, and it exits the residence premises from the flue vent. Call the AC repair Gilbert AZ, immediately if you can sense a rotten egg smell.

How to Prevent all the Issues and Protect the AC System from Repair Issues?

  • Schedule the AC maintenance service for heating and cooling equipment before the season commences.
  • Replace the air filter during the season and clean the filter when the season ends.
  • Covering the air conditioning Mesa AZ system outdoor unit has harsh weather that may hamper the essential AC components.
  • It is better to avoid using the HVAC systems at extreme temperatures to provide more comfort and relief.
  • Check the condensate drains and condensate pan for any significant blockage or damaged sign, and call the services to prevent it from becoming a massive problem in the longer run.

If you find any issues in your AC or heating system, call the technicians performing heating and air conditioning repair in Mesa AZ, before the peak season for affordable rates.
Sharp Air Conditioning and Heating professionals are always at your service for all seasons. Call (480)-695-7834 today!

Why is my air conditioner blowing hot air?

Why is my air conditioner blowing hot air

My Air Conditioner is Blowing hot air… what’s going on?

Another typical call at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating is someone calling in to say their air conditioner is blowing hot air. It is even worse. We also offer services of AC repair in Gilbert.

Then if it was not blowing any air at all, especially when it’s hot enough outside without a heater blowing inside too! Below are a few common reasons for this “hot problem” and what you might be able to do to fix it.

Refrigerant Issues

Your unit’s refrigerant levels may be low if your air conditioner spews warm air. Unfortunately, this often means that your system has a refrigerant leak! If that’s the case, your air conditioner will keep running and blast heated air to match the thermostat setting.

Sometimes your system can develop a leak in the refrigerant lines and cause a prolonged leak that can reduce the amount of refrigerant in your system. Your AC system needs to have a proper “charge,” or amount, of refrigerant to operate correctly.

A few telltale signs of a refrigerant leak could be ice forming anywhere on your system, or you might even see an oily substance on your outside unit. If you see any of these signs, give Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating a call for heating and cooling Mesa AZ, and we will send a professional out. It is usually an inexpensive repair if your system is low on refrigerant.

A Clogged Air Filter

We will keep saying it repeatedly, but clogged air filters are the number one culprits for many HVAC issues. While a dirty filter might not be the sole reason your air conditioner is blowing hot, it can significantly restrict airflow.
Changing your filters can be one of the most uncomplicated maintenance issues you perform on your home; it’s all about remembering to do so. Changing dirty filters should be at the top of your maintenance list with the dust storms we get in Phoenix and the surrounding Arizona desert. Change those filters! Call us for an air filter change service.

Check Thermostat Settings

Every now and then, we get a call that we fix over the phone. Usually, the root of the problem is someone has unknowingly changed the settings on their thermostat. It can be as simple as forgetting to change over to “cool” in the spring, or the system may just have the fan on. Checking your thermostat settings before calling in an AC issue can save you time and hassle.

Condenser/Outdoor Unit

Another common issue that we get called out on is that it seems the inside fan is blowing, but the outdoor unit, also known as a condenser, does not seem to be on. The first thing to do, as a homeowner, is to check to see that the unit has power or that a breaker has not been tripped. Simply making sure the breaker is in the “ON” position can fix your issues.

Another easy fix to look for is to clear debris from your condenser. If you can see dirt and leaves and other “stuff” stuck to the sides, this will restrict your system, and it will have a hard time cooling. Again, with the Haboobs that we get here in Phoenix, Mesa, and the entire valley, dirt can build up very quickly, so a quick check can save you discomfort when you need the AC the most. When do you require air conditioning Chandler AZ?

For the best HVAC solution, contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating for air conditioning repair Mesa at 480-695-7834.

Ductwork – The Forgotten Air Conditioning System Component


Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC
Ductwork – The Forgotten Air Conditioning System Component

Of all of the appliances in your home it’s a safe bet that when it’s working properly, your air conditioning system does not get too much attention. Besides the outdoor portion of your system, a big reason for this is. Because the HVAC system is mostly hidden in your attic, walls, etc. A major component and often-overlooked portion of your air conditioning system. The ductwork that shuttles air around your home keeping you comfortable. When do you require air conditioning Chandler AZ? For the best HVAC solution, contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating.

It is important to make sure your ductwork is in good condition. If your ductwork has started to deteriorate or crack and develop leaks, it can lead to efficiency issues. Some rooms of your home may get proper airflow. While others do not, and your air conditioning system will work overtime to try to get areas cool.  When all it is doing is cooling down your attic and wasting your hard-earned money. Leaky ductwork can also pull particles from the attic, creating excess dust in your home. For the best AC repair Gilbert, contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating.

Getting up in your attic and inspecting the ductwork on your own, especially during the summer months, is not for everyone. As part of our Sharp Air Maintenance Program, we will inspect your ductwork during our two scheduled maintenance visits to ensure that your system is operating at its peak efficiency. So stay out of the attic, and let the professionals at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating take care of your needs of air conditioning repair Mesa, Gilbert, AZ.

Benefits of hiring an AIR CONDITIONING COMPANY

Benefits of Hiring an Air Conditioning Company

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, LLCThere are many companies that are “Jack of all Trades” business models. They may take care of your air conditioning, plumbing, and many other issues. Admittedly, this can be convenient for the customer. It makes life easy when you can hire one company to take care of all of your needs. What you will often find though, is that the old saying very often rings true.

Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

With the amount of technology and skill now required for everything, including your air conditioning system, we believe that having a trained technician to handle you air conditioning needs can make sure your repair or installation is done right, the first time. This saves you time and can save you money, knowing that the job was done correctly the first time instead of having multiple calls for the same issue.

A misconception of the word “specialization” is that it also means more expensive. At Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating, this could not be further from the truth. You will find that our prices are among the most competitive in the Valley, while not compromising on quality. Give us a call and let us show you the benefit of specialization at an affordable price!

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC provides affordable air conditioning repair services.

we offer these services.

How Do I Know When It Is Time To Replace My HVAC Unit?

Hot weather is the great equalizer, whether you rent an apartment or buy a home. Everyone is concerned about when it will be necessary to repair or upgrade the air conditioners.

While nothing lasts forever, few household system problems are more catastrophic than losing your air conditioners. If you think your air conditioner is malfunctioning, look for these symptoms that indicate it is time to replace it.

Your HVAC system will last longer if it is maintained properly. When you realize your cooling system is performing less efficiently than before or your temperature is not regulated correctly, it is time to replace your air conditioning unit.

  • How Often Should you Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners can function for a long time, but they can also shut down anytime. Unless you have difficulties with your AC unit, you should expect to replace it every 10–15 years.

Once the weather worsens, remember to keep up with maintenance and appropriate storage of the unit. Storing your air conditioner in a cold, dry, and less-trafficked area of your home will allow you to reinstall it in the spring. 

AC repair in Mesa needs the services of a qualified technician, so seek professional guidance before replacing your air conditioner.

Five signs that you should replace the air conditioner.

  • Excessive Energy Bills.

Another sign that your air conditioner needs to be replaced or repaired is a rising energy bill without additional consumption. A damaged thermostat control, leakage in your HVAC system’s ductwork, or the air conditioning unit’s age might all be the issue. The AC unit will need repair regardless of the cause.

  • Strange Odors

The smell of an air conditioner isn’t expected to be there. If this happens, there is an issue. In this case, a strong odor might suggest a burned-out wire within the system, while a musty smell could indicate mold inside the unit or in the ductwork. 

  • Strange Noises

If you hear grinding, screeching, or scratching while the air conditioner is on, it might indicate an issue with a belt sliding out of position inside the unit. Contact a professional for heating and cooling in Mesa, AZ, as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to other components.

  • The AC is Not Removing Sufficient Humidity.

One of the functions of an air conditioning unit is to reduce the humidity level in your home. The air retains a little quantity of moisture even under low-humidity conditions. The AC unit needs repair if you sense any dampness inside your home.

  • Air Conditioning Issues are Increasing.

If your air conditioner has required servicing at least three or four times in a few months, it may be better to upgrade it and stop worrying about maintenance.

Get in Touch With the Pros.

If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms, it is time to replace your outdated air conditioner. To have one of our skilled HVAC technicians analyze your existing system, contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating

Our staff can assist you with AC repair in Gilbert. If it is time for a replacement, our experts can assist you in choosing the best HVAC system for your house. 


What’s That Smell?

Sometimes you can’t blame that smell on the other person in the room, it’s the AC! While musty air conditioners are much more common in more humid climates, at times it can happen even here in the dry Phoenix heat.

So why does my AC smell? That musty smell comes from mold and bacteria that can be formed when you condensate drain line gets clogged and water sits in the drain pan of your AC for an extended period of time. First thing to do is check to see if water is in fact collecting in your drain pan. If this is the case, we have a great tip that we posted in the blog about a trick that you can do yourself to clear your condensate drains. If you don’t feel comfortable with this method, give us a call for AC repair Chandler and we will send one of our highly trained service techs to take care of the issue for you.

If there is no water sitting in the drain pan causing the smell, it is also possible that strong odors such as garbage, pesticides, or tobacco smoke has permeated your evaporator coil, and that smell sticks around when you turn the AC on blowing it all over your home. If you suspect this is the case, give us a call and we can assess whether or not the smell can be cleaned out of the system. For air conditioning repair Mesa contact us right now at (480) 695-7834.

7 Reasons Why You Should Call A Professional HVAC Technician

Electronic equipment, including air conditioners, develops glitches after prolonged use. When they reach the end of their work cycle, they may stop working unexpectedly. However, regular maintenance can extend the air conditioner’s life and ensure that your air conditioner continues to operate within the expected lifespan, so you need to opt for air conditioning repair Mesa, AZ.

If your air conditioning system isn’t functioning correctly, it becomes more important to hire a trained air conditioning repair technician in Mesa, AZ. If you are still unsure when to call a professional HVAC Technician in Mesa, then read ahead. Call for an HVAC technician as soon as you find any of the following signs, or it might cause your system to shut down completely.

Your System Is Not Cooling Properly

If the air conditioner’s air is hot rather than cold, you should check the system immediately. This is a definite sign that some parts lack the required refrigerant or there are leaks present in the important parts of the AC unit.

Strange Sounds And Smells

Do you hear unusual sounds or smells in the system? In this case, an unpleasant odor may indicate a problem with the wiring, and an unrecognizable noise may indicate a component malfunction. Don’t ignore this. Repair it quickly.

A Leakage In The System

Leaks in the system usually indicate a clog in the condensate drain line. However, sometimes this symptom can cause other underlying issues.

Your System Is Inefficient

A well-maintained HVAC system will give unparalleled service with the best amalgamation of performance and efficiency. However, if your HVAC system suddenly starts to lose its efficiency, or your water and electricity bills rise, it is a sign that you may need to schedule a maintenance service appointment with an HVAC professional. 

Poor Airflow

Poor Airflow can be another major reason to call a professional HVAC technician. If you observe the airflow flowing from the vent has stopped or interrupted, it simply means that the air cannot flow normally in the corners of the room. It may signify that you have a duct problem or a serious issue with the system’s compressor. 

Excessive Cycling

Your unit cycles are sometimes turned on and off to save energy. If you find that the cycle is out of control, then you will face a real problem. The problem may be with the thermostat, or the hot air is leaking and constantly changing. The temperature near the thermostat is fast. Professionals know what the problem could be and how to solve it. Uncontrolled circulation can lead to premature wear and tear of the expensive parts of the air conditioning system.

Circuit Breaker Turning Off

If your air conditioner turns off the circuit breaker, it may lose power. Check the system as soon as possible to avoid damage to the electrical components of the air conditioner. 

If any of these symptoms are happening to your system, contact Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating – reliable & affordable AC repair Gilbert to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Air conditioning Mesa AZ by Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating has many HVAC system service experience years. Our team for AC repair Chandler, can assist you in installing, maintaining, and repairing various HVAC equipment. Call us today & Schedule a service now!


Top 3 Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems

With summer just around the corner, everyone is looking for a way to protect their home from those hot and sunny days. The most common approach to escape sunny days and keep your home comfortable and cool during summers is using an air conditioning Chandler AZ. However, an air conditioner provides you with a refreshing and cooler environment and provides various other benefits. 

Let us have a closer look at the things that could go wrong with your AC.  

The Most Common AC Repairs

Is your AC not giving you your money’s worth? Are the pipes frozen? Is it giving out humid air? When occurrences like this happen to you, it can be difficult to tell the root or source of the problem. Here are some of the most common AC problems and how you can recognize them.

  • Refrigerant leaks in your Machinery 

The AC uses the refrigerant liquid to turn the heat in the air into cold air. A poor charge of the refrigerant liquid while installing can cause this problem. If you notice this problem in your air conditioning, you must immediately call a technician to look at the problem and recharge the liquid abundantly. 

  • Drainage

When your AC is giving you all that cool comfort you love, there is a level of condensation taking place inside the machine. The water from this condensation is what we can see falling from the unit. If there is a clog in your condensation pipes, or if humidity is high, the machine can store this liquid which can cause your appliance to malfunction. Call a technician to solve this problem. 

  • A broken compressor fan 

Without a compressor, an AC is just a glorified fan. The compressor helps pull the heat from the air, rendering it cool. If there is a problem with your compressor, you will notice semi-cold air with an odd smell. The smell is almost abysmal, so you can recognize this problem if your AC is not cooling.

Emergency AC repair

In case your AC breaks down in the middle of the day, don’t panic! You can avail of several repair services online at the snap of your fingers. However, if you don’t get a technician soon enough, here are some things you can do to prevent further damage. 

The first step would be to turn your machine off. Having it keep working can damage the machinery even further and maybe even put your health at risk. Most of the time, the issues that may seem serious are often not. You can read some repair guidelines on accredited sites and attempt a DIY. 

Choose the best with Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC!

We at Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC ensure we hire accredited technicians to give our clients the best service. We are the leading go-to company for any kind of HVAC maintenance or repair. Our AC repair Mesa is said to be the best in the area. Best of all, we have very good services which everyone can afford. Contact us through our website, or email us. We offer the absolute best Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair.

Eight Advantages of Air Conditioning System

With summer just around the corner, everyone is looking for a way to protect their home from those hot and sunny days. The most common approach to escape sunny days. Keep your home comfortable and cool during summers is using an air conditioning system. However, an air conditioner provides you with a refreshing and cooler environment and provides various other benefits. 

Let us have a closer look at the important benefits of using an air conditioning repair Mesa

What are the Benefits of Using an Air Conditioning System?

An air conditioning system provides you with a range of different benefits. This not only includes a cooler environment but also provides an improved quality of air. 

  • Using an air conditioning system in summers can protect you from those extra hot days and various diseases associated with them.
  •  It can also help to reduce the humidity at your home, along with reducing the amount of pollen, mold, mildew, and other airborne outdoor allergens that can potentially lead to asthma symptoms.
  • Another benefit of using an air conditioner is that it helps provide you with a safe and secure environment. When you use an air conditioner at home, you will keep your windows and doors close and thus, prevent any kind of threat. 
  • Also, since most of your windows and doors are closed, there will be fewer parasites, insects, and noises. 
  • The air conditioning system provides you with a cooler environment, making it more convenient for you to exercise since it is quite difficult to exercise in a hot environment.
  •  Also, a cooler and refreshing environment will help to facilitate safe and sound sleep. 
  • Using an air conditioner can reduce your house’s temperature; this will further help in less sweating and lesser loss of water. It can also protect one from heat stroke and other heat-related diseases. 
  • You can also use an air conditioner in your offices. Using an air conditioning system in offices can help to provide workers with a comfortable and cool environment. This will help to work more efficiently and produce productive and exceptional results. This will further help your business to reach higher heights.

Why should you get your system repaired?

Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC is a leading AC service provider in Chandler and various other heating and cooling Mesa AZ. However, it would help if you got your air conditioner regularly serviced and repaired to increase its service life and make it function properly. Using an inefficient can lead to various problems. This not includes higher consumption of energy and high electricity bills but can also hurt health. This is because inefficient can lead to the production of various harmful gases such as CO2, soot, smoke, foul smell, and many more, negatively affecting the body. 

About Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating LLC

We are one of the best industries providing AC repair Gilbert, heating services, installation, gas inserts, and many other quality services. All the services are available at affordable prices. We have a team of certified professionals providing the best AC repair Chandler