Mesa AZ Air Conditioner Repair Guide: A Handbook for DIY Troubleshoot

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Mesa AZ Air Conditioner Repair Guide: A Handbook for DIY Troubleshoot

A properly functioning air conditioner is a must-have to maintain your comfort during summer. And that is why you need to take care of your cooling system properly. Much AC maintenance involves regular inspections and repair from a professional when you need it. You might have many questions regarding air conditioner repair and maintenance if you’re not familiar with your cooling system. Knowing about the common problems and possible Mesa AZ air conditioner repair can help you troubleshoot the system yourself.

Here Is A Handy Guide About Air Conditioner Problems and Mesa AZ Air Conditioner Repair That You Need to Learn to Upkeep the Health of Your AC. 

Common Air Conditioner Problems 

Dirty Air Filters 

You need to change the air filters of your air conditioner every 1 to 3 months. Dirty air filters can decrease air quality and also can lower the efficiency of your cooling system. They can even cause the unit to break down before its maximum lifespan.

Lack of Maintenance 

If you don’t maintain your cooling system, you may end up at a more significant investment in replacing your system after an early breakdown. Getting your system inspected and tuned up annually by certified HVAC technicians can help you save a lot of money on pricey repairs.

Your Unit Is Not Cooling 

Sometimes many things can impact your air conditioner’s ability to cool down your home. It can be due to dirty air filters, improper thermostat setting, wrong unit size, etc.

Refrigerant Leak 

If your air conditioner lacks an adequate amount of refrigerant, it will not be able to cool properly. There can be small holes or crack formation in the coils which leak that refrigerant. Recharging the refrigerant level will not be helpful unless you fix those leakages. You may notice a fluctuation in temperatures, hissing noise coming from the unit, and even ice buildup on the coils or the Refrigerant line.

Improper Installation 

Professional installation of your air conditioner not only helps you to get the most of your air conditioner, but it also expands the lifespan of the system. You can ask a professional HVAC technician to install your new air conditioner properly to function optimally for many years.

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How to Perform A Mesa AZ Air Conditioner Repair?

Clean the Air Filters        

If the air filters are clogged with dirt and dust, you can clean them at home with water, mild detergent, and a soft brush.

Change the Thermostat Setting 

If your air conditioner thermostat has the wrong setting, it can’t cool your home correctly. Keep the temperature four to five degrees lesser than the home temperature.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit 

You need to keep the outdoor unit or the condenser unit of your air conditioner as clean as possible. You can use a garden hose to clean the outdoor unit.

Sometimes you may need professional Gilbert AZ air conditioner repair services for some problems that are hard to handle. You can also hire an HVAC technician to inspect and tune up your system to run all year properly. Regular tune-up and maintenance can help you to save on pricey repairs. Sharp Air Conditioning & Heating can help you to get professional air conditioner repair services in Mesa. Call our experts and schedule an appointment.