How Do You Maintain Your AC System? In Good Working Order?

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How Do You Maintain Your AC System? In Good Working Order?

A properly operating air conditioner has a positive impact on energy performance, comfort, the health of people in the house, and the overall functionality of the unit. So, keep up with your air-conditioner. 

This article will help you save money on energy and replace your AC soon enough. Make sure you use these tips right before the start of winter.

  •  Shut Down The Power

 When working with electricity and the air conditioner’s moving parts, it is crucial to turn off the power completely. Heating and Cooling Mesa AZ, is an essential thing while dealing with AC. Find an exterior shut-off box near the condenser/compressor on the exterior. Be sure to turn off the power inside the breaker box and do an Air Conditioner Repair.

  •  Removal Of Debris

 To remove the fan cage on the outdoor condenser/compressor, you must remove the entire unit. Take the cage or fan grill off the unit by removing the fasteners with a screwdriver or wrench. Ensure that all leaves and other debris are dismissed from the interior using a wet/dry vacuum. 

  •  Fins Should Be Cleaned Properly

 All outside dirt should be removed by removing the outer covers and using the brush attachment on a strong shop vacuum. 

  •  The Unit Should Be Leveled

 Condenser units can tip over as the soil beneath them settles over time. Condenser units that are out of level can prematurely fail their compressors. You can use rot-resistant shims to level the condenser. Remember to slope the pad away from the foundation when winterizing a heat pump to prevent defrosting.

  •  The Evaporator Coil Must Be Cleaned

 Located inside the blower/furnace unit is the evaporator coil door. There may be some foil duct tape to remove any screws or bolts to remove. After dusting off the coil:

  1.  Use a soft brush and a coil cleanser without rinsing. As the spray foams up, it drips into a drain pan.
  2. Use soap, hot water, and a little bleach to clean out the drain pan.
  3. Once that is done, flush the drain with 50 percent bleach and 50 percent water.

 As a result, the future growth of algae will be inhibited. An AC repair Gilbert might be able to help you with this.

  •  The Blower Filter Should Be Changed

 A filter needs to be changed at least twice a year – once just before the heating season begins and once just before the cooling season starts. A particularly dusty area may require more frequent changes. Ensure that the filter is replaced with one that has the same airflow rating. 

 Air purifiers, or HEPA filters designed to clean and purify the air, can dramatically reduce airflow in your system, causing the indoor coil to freeze. If you neglect this, you might need an air conditioning repair Mesa.

 When you have completed your cleaning, turn the power back on to work more efficiently. For the best in Chandler air conditioning repair, reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at (480) 695-7834.