Getting Your HVAC Ready for Winter

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Getting Your HVAC Ready for Winter

Contrary to popular belief, it’s still important to winterize your heating and cooling Mesa AZ. Though we have mild winters it’s likely you’ll soon shut off your air conditioning for the year, it’s still important to make sure everything is in good working order before you make the switch to heat.

Here are 3 things you should be doing to ensure your HVAC is in ship shape for the winter.

Inspect the Premises

Before you can know you have a problem, you have to do an inspection. Pretty simple, right?

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Debris build-up. Be sure to check all components of your HVAC system, both outside and inside. If there’s debris from any major storms or other buildup outside, sweep it to the side to avoid anything foreign making its way into the fan unit and creating issues.
  • Damages. Over time, your system ages and takes a beating. Eventually, some components may need to be replaced. Look for worn insulation or parts that you think may need some professional attention and make note of them.
  • Air filter. Checking the air filter is one of the easiest things you can do yourself. Open your HVAC closet and see what the air filter looks like. We recommend changing them out at least twice a year, if not seasonally. Even if the filter doesn’t look very dirty, it’s still a good idea to change it. This ensures you’re doing everything you can to keep your family healthy.
  • Dusty vents. Your air ducts and vents will build up dust from everyday living. It’s a good idea to check your vents out each year and to dust them a bit. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, it may be beneficial to have your ducts and vents professionally cleaned.

Get a Pre-Winter Tune-Up

As with most things, the best time to get a system check-up is before you have a problem. As we’re inching further and further into fall, it’s the perfect time to request an appointment for a tune-up. Even if you don’t see anything that alarms you after your inspection, it’s still a good idea to have a professional come take a look to be sure.

A tune-up will ensure your system is free from debris, is operating with a clean and correctly-sized filter, that there are no mechanical issues, that there are no liquid leaks, and that it works as it should when switched from air to heat.

Your system has been working hard to keep your home cool during the overbearing summer and without a previous need to test your heat functionality, you can’t be sure there isn’t something awry. Scheduling a tune-up service and  air conditioning Chandler AZ .Is the best way to ensure you’re prepared for the winter change and that you avoid sky-high utility bills due to undiagnosed issues.

Things to Avoid

As with all things in life, there are a few tasks you should do and a few things you shouldn’t. As you prepare to hibernate your A/C, here’s a quick list of don’ts:

  • DON’T cover your outdoor HVAC unit. Though it may be tempting and seem like a good idea, this can cause moisture to build up and could even lead to mold growth, both of which will cause serious issues to come spring.
  • DON’T use a hose to clean your outdoor HVAC unit. While yes, it is outdoors and gets wet due to rain throughout the year, it’s not the best idea to run water over it freely. While your unit is made to withstand the elements, it’s not made to get a bath from the garden hose.
  • DON’T try to touch coils or interior parts you’re not sure about. If something looks “off,” don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, call a professional to ensure the job is done right and with the proper tools.

Maintaining your HVAC system may not always be a breeze, but you can certainly do a few things to keep it working efficiently. By giving it a good look-over, calling in a maintenance check, and ensuring you don’t do a few things, your system will work like a charm this winter.

Need to schedule a tune-up and air conditioning repair Mesa? Call us today or submit our appointment form to set a time that works for you.